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"The committee, I don't know why, went to see Sam Hughes... then Minister of Militia and Defence... He listened to what they had to say and then said, 'Now, my boys, look here, what is this flying all about? You say it's for reconnaissance. If I go on reconnaissance what do I do? I leave my horse, and I climb a tree, and I see what I can see. Now forget about this flying. It's an invention of the devil to steal away our best young men. Join the army.' " Robert Leckie, Royal Naval Air Service
WWI Aces by Nation
1 Australia Australia
2 Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary
3 Belgium Belgium
4 Canada Canada
5 England England
6 France France
7 Germany Germany
8 India India
9 Ireland Ireland
10 Italy Italy
11 New New Zealand
12 Russia Russia
13 Scotland Scotland
14 South South Africa
15 United United States
16 Wales Wales
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