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Name: Frederick Elliott Brown
Military Cross (MC) and Bar
Croix de Guerre [France]
Country: Canada
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Units: 2, 84
Victories: 10
Born: 03 February 1895
Place of Birth: Quebec City, Quebec
Died: 15 September 1971
Place of Death: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Frederick Elliott Brown was a medical student at Laval University in Quebec. He was a Lieutenant in the 8th Canadian Infantry Battalion and the Royal Dublin Fusiliers on the Western Front from March to July 1916. After his transfer to the Royal Flying Corps on 4 January 1917, he scored 10 victories flying the S.E.5a with 84 Squadron. Brown was an instructor in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II.

Listed as Frederic Elliott Brown in the London Gazette.
Military Cross (MC)
Lt. Frederic Elliott Brown, R. Dub. Fus., Spec. Res., and R.F.C.
   For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Whilst leading a patrol of five machines, on observing four hostile scouts -diving on one of our formations, he at once engaged them, driving one of them down completely out of control, while his formation dispersed the others. Later, on sighting another hostile scout, he engaged it and forced it down spinning and out of control. While returning to his aerodrome, he observed an enemy two-seater, and, though his engine was running badly and might have failed him any moment, he attacked it and drove it down in a vertical nose dive. Previously to this he had driven down one other machine, which was seen to crash, and a third completely out of control. He is a most daring and skilful pilot.
Military Cross (MC) Bar
Lt. (T./Capt.) Frederic Elliott Brown, M.C., R. Dub. Fus., Spec. Res., and R.F.C.
   For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in attacking enemy aircraft. During an engagement between fourteen of our scouts and about forty enemy scouts, he shot down two enemy machines completely out of control. On another occasion, he attacked a formation of seven enemy scouts and destroyed one of them. He has destroyed two other enemy machines and driven down one other out of control. His courage and initiative have been a source of inspiration to all.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 08 Nov 1917 1415 84 S.E.5a (B513) Albatros D.V (OOC) 1 E of Poelcapelle
2 16 Feb 1918 1020 84 S.E.5a (C5364) Albatros D.V (OOC) St. Quentin
3 16 Feb 1918 1045 84 S.E.5a (C5364) Albatros D.V (OOC) St. Quentin
4 16 Feb 1918 1100 84 S.E.5a (C5364) C (DES) N of La Fère
5 11 Mar 1918 1040 84 S.E.5a (C5364) Albatros D.V (DES) 2 Lavergies
6 13 Mar 1918 1210 84 S.E.5a (B8337) Albatros D.V (DES) Homblieres
7 17 Mar 1918 1140 84 S.E.5a (B8337) Albatros D.V (OOC) Bussigny
8 17 Mar 1918 1145 84 S.E.5a (B8337) Albatros D.V (OOC) W of Bussigny
9 18 Mar 1918 1140 84 S.E.5a (B8337) Albatros D.V (OOC) SE of Sequehart
10 22 Mar 1918 1145 84 S.E.5a (B8337) Pfalz D.III (DES) Fayet

1 Shared with Capt James Child
2 Shared with Lt George Johnson
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