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Name: Roger Amedee Del'Haye
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Country: Canada
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Units: 13, 19
Victories: 9
Born: 09 January 1889
Place of Birth: Châlons-sur-Marne, France
Died: 18 November 1944 Killed In Flying Accident
Place of Death: Near Montreal, Quebec
Cemetery: Regina Cemetery, Saskatchewan
A French immigrant, Roger Amedee Del'Haye arrived in Canada in 1910 and became a British subject in 1914. After joining the Royal Flying Corps in October 1915, he was posted to 13 Squadron as an R.E.8 pilot. In May 1918, he was reassigned to 19 Squadron as a Sopwith Dolphin pilot. On the morning of 17 June 1918, Del'Haye scored his first victory, shooting down a Fokker DR.I near Lens. By the end of the war, he was credited with eight more victories, all of them Pfalz D.IIIs. During World War II, Air Commodore Del'Haye served with the R.C.A.F., commanding a flying boat squadron on the Pacific coast and the bombing and gunnery school at Dafoe, Saskatchewan. While serving as second in command of No. 3 Training Command, he was killed in a crash near Montreal in 1944. He was 55 years old.

Listed as Roger Amedee Delhaye in the London Gazette.
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Capt. Roger Amedee Delhaye. (FRANCE)
   A most efficient fighting leader to whose example the high standard of efficiency attained by his squadron is largely due. He has led numerous offensive patrols, accounting personally for eight enemy machines. On all occasions he has shown high courage, ability and fine leadership.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 17 Jun 1918 0920 19 Sopwith Dolphin (C3792) Fokker DR.I (OOC) Lens
2 30 Jun 1918 2000 19 Sopwith Dolphin (C3792) Pfalz D.III (OOC) Armentières
3 04 Jul 1918 1700 19 Sopwith Dolphin (C3792) Pfalz D.III (DESF) Esterelles
4 16 Jul 1918 1230 19 Sopwith Dolphin (C3792) Pfalz D.III (DES) Armentières
5 16 Jul 1918 1230 19 Sopwith Dolphin (C3792) Pfalz D.III (OOC) Armentières
6 16 Sep 1918 0940 19 Sopwith Dolphin (D5236) Pfalz D.III (DES) N of Lille
7 27 Sep 1918 0725 19 Sopwith Dolphin (D5236) Pfalz D.III (DES) 1 Haynecourt
8 27 Sep 1918 1250 19 Sopwith Dolphin (D5236) Pfalz D.III (OOC) Aubigny
9 01 Oct 1918 0850 19 Sopwith Dolphin (D5236) Pfalz D.III (OOC) E of Cambrai

1 Shared with Lt C Montgomery-Moore (B7855)
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