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Name: Arthur Gerald "Gerry" Knight
Distinguished Service Order (DSO)
Military Cross (MC)
Arthur Knight
Country: Canada
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Units: 4, 24, 29
Victories: 8
Born: 30 July 1895
Place of Birth: Bedford, Bedfordshire
Killed In Action: 20 December 1916 Killed In Action
Place of Death: Monchy au Bois
Cemetery: Douchy-Les-Ayette British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France Image
The son of Arthur Cecil Knight, Arthur Gerald Knight was studying Applied Science at the Upper Canada College when he was appointed to the Royal Flying Corps in 1915. On 28 October 1916, Knight and Alfred McKay were on patrol over the Somme when they were attacked by Oswald Boelcke. In the ensuing battle, Boelcke was killed when his Albatros collided with that of Erwin Böhme. Two months later, Knight was killed when his D.H.2 was shot down by an Albatros D.II flown by Manfred von Richthofen. Knight was the Red Baron's 13th victim.
Military Cross (MC)
2nd Lt. Arthur Gerald Knight, R.F.C., Spec. Res.
   For conspicuous skill and gallantry. He has shown great pluck in fights with enemy machines, and has accounted for several. On one occasion, when a hostile machine was interfering with a reconnaissance, he attacked at very close range, and brought down the enemy machine in flames.
Distinguished Service Order (DSO)
2nd Lt. Arthur Gerald Knight, M.C., R.F.C.
   For conspicuous gallantry in action. He led four machines against 18 hostile machines. Choosing a good moment for attack he drove down five of them and dispersed the remainder. He has shown the utmost dash and judgment as a leader of offensive patrols.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 22 Jun 1916 1915 24 D.H.2 (6011) LVG C (DES) Courcelette
2 19 Jul 1916 1030 24 D.H.2 (5931) Fokker E (OOC) Bapaume-Péronne Rd
3 02 Sep 1916 1805 24 D.H.2 (5931) D (OOC) Warlencourt
4 14 Sep 1916 2045 24 D.H.2 (5931) Fokker D (DESF) 1 Manancourt
5 15 Sep 1916 1440 24 D.H.2 (7930) D (DESF) Flers
6 17 Oct 1916 1000 24 D.H.2 (5931) Roland C.II (OOC) Beaumetz
7 09 Nov 1916 1345 24 D.H.2 (A305) D (DES) 2 Le Transloy
8 16 Dec 1916 29 D.H.2 (A2614) D (OOC) NE of Arras

1 Shared with Sgt Stanley Cockerell (7873)
2 Shared with 2Lt Eric Pashley (7930), 2Lt Alfred McKay (7884)
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