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Name: Alfred Alexander "Ack-Ack" Leitch
Military Cross (MC)
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Alfred Leitch
Country: Canada
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Units: 43, 65
Victories: 7
Born: 05 February 1894
Place of Birth: Killarney, Manitoba
Died: 31 December 1954
Place of Death: High River, Alberta
The son of millwright Alfred Rawson Leitch of Winnipeg, Alfred Alexander Leitch attended the University of Manitoba. Although handicapped by a deformed foot, he joined the Royal Flying Corps on 15 May 1917. He was confirmed in the rank of temporary 2nd Lieutenant on 2 October 1917. Posted to 65 Squadron, he scored 7 victories flying the Sopwith Camel in 1918. He was promoted to temporary Captain on 20 May 1918. After he left the Royal Air Force on 5 September 1919, Leitch served with the Royal Canadian Air Force and retired in September 1938. During World War II he served as a civilian safety officer at No. 16 Technical Detachment in Edmonton, Alberta.
Military Cross (MC)
T./2nd Lt. Alfred Alexander Leitch, Gen. List, attd. R.A.F.
   For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty while on fighting patrols. During recent operations he displayed great courage and determination in attacking superior forces of enemy aircraft, and in engaging with machine-gun fire enemy troops and transport on the ground. He did splendid work, and set a most inspiriting example.
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Lt. (T./Capt.) Alfred Alexander Leitch, M.C.
   This officer has already been awarded the Military Cross for gallant service. His devotion to duty and consistent courage is an inspiring example to all. During the recent operations he heavily bombed an enemy dump, causing several fires; he then attacked hostile troops in the vicinity. Frequently he has returned to our lines with his machine riddled with bullets.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 05 Feb 1918 1330 65 Sopwith Camel (B2411) Albatros D.V (OOC) Dadizeele
2 09 May 1918 1950 65 Sopwith Camel (C8280) Pfalz D.III (OOC) Wiencourt
3 15 May 1918 2010 65 Sopwith Camel (C8280) Fokker DR.I (DES) SE of Albert
4 25 May 1918 1950 65 Sopwith Camel (D1903) Albatros D.V (CAP) Senlis
5 29 May 1918 0850 65 Sopwith Camel (D1903) Albatros D.V (DES) SW of Albert
6 26 Jun 1918 2030 65 Sopwith Camel (D1903) Pfalz D.III (DES) E of Albert
7 26 Jun 1918 2030 65 Sopwith Camel (D1903) Pfalz D.III (OOC) E of Albert
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