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Name: John Harry McNeaney
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) John Harry McNeaney
Country: Canada
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Units: 79
Victories: 5
Born: 30 May 1897
Place of Birth: Jarvis, Ontario
Died: 01 March 1919
Place of Death: England
Cemetery: Fulham Old Cemetery, London, England
A distinguished commercial artist, John Harry McNeaney joined the Royal Flying Corps on 5 May 1917. Posted to 79 Squadron, he was wounded while strafing enemy positions in June 1918. When he recovered, he returned to combat duty and scored five victories flying the Sopwith Dolphin. McNeaney was the only Canadian ace in 79 Squadron. He died from influenza in 1919.
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Lieut. (A./Capt.) John Harry McNeaney. (FRANCE)
   A gallant and courageous airman who has accounted for five enemy aeroplanes, displaying at all times marked skill and devotion to duty. On 28th September, in company with two other machines, he engaged about ten Fokkers; four of these were destroyed, two by Lieut. McNeaney.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 16 Sep 1918 1615 79 Sopwith Dolphin (E4425) Fokker D.VII (DES) NW of Tourcoing
2 28 Sep 1918 1750 79 Sopwith Dolphin (E4712) Fokker D.VII (DES) Near Passchendaele
3 28 Sep 1918 1755 79 Sopwith Dolphin (E4712) Fokker D.VII (DES) Near Passchendaele
4 02 Oct 1918 0735 79 Sopwith Dolphin (E4712) Halberstadt C (DES) 1 mi SE of Roulers
5 14 Oct 1918 1410 79 Sopwith Dolphin (E4712) Fokker D.VII (DES) N of Roulers
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