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Name: Alan MacMillan Phillips
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Country: Canada
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Air Force
Units: 98, 107, 217
Victories: 6
Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Place of Birth: 24 January 1898
Place of Death:  
Alan MacMillan Phillips was studying at the University of Toronto when he joined the RNAS. He trained at No. 78 Canadian Training Squadron, graded as a Flying Officer on 17 November 1917. He served with No. 107 Sqn. (no dates available), No 98 Sqn (23 March 1918--30 May 1918), and had 300 flying hours when he was posted to No. 217 Sqn on 31 May 1918 and continued with them for their duration of the war. Phillips' postwar residence was Toronto, as verified by his marriage registry.
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
"Lt. Alan MacMillan Phillips, Sea Patrol.
   A very gallant pilot, who displays great determination. During the past month he attacked, with one other machine, ten enemy seaplanes, and destroyed one of them, making four in all, since joining his present squadron in June, 1918. On numerous occasions he has descended to very low altitudes to bomb enemy shipping, and on four occasions he obtained direct hits. Recently he set out to attack a strongly defended enemy post, and, notwithstanding fierce firing from anti-aircraft guns, he set fire to a block of sheds and an enemy coastal motor boat."
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1     98      
2     98      
3     217      
4     217      
5     217      

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