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Name: Hazel LeRoy Wallace
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Country: Canada
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Air Force
Units: 9N (RNAS)
3, 201 (RAF)
Victories: 14
Born: 13 November 1897
Place of Birth: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Died: 22 March 1976
Place of Death:  
The son of James H. and Barbara Wallace, Hazel LeRoy Wallace enlisted in July 1916, after learning to fly at a school in the United States. During the war, he scored fourteen victories flying the Sopwith Camel.

Listed as Hazel Le Roy Wallace in the London Gazette.
The Lethbridge Daily Herald, Lethbridge, Alberta, Monday, 19 August 1918
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Lieut. (T./Capt.) Hazel Le Roy Wallace.
   A gallant and most capable leader, who in many engagements has displayed marked ability and courage, notably in a recent attack on an aerodrome when he led his flight against the group of hangars allotted to him at an altitude of between 100 to 200 feet. By direct hits he destroyed three enemy aeroplanes and set fire to a hangar by machine-gun fire. In addition to above this officer has destroyed four aeroplanes and driven three down out of control.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 06 Sep 1917 1335 9N Sopwith Camel (B3892) Albatros C (OOC) 1 Middelkerke
2 16 Sep 1917 1645 9N Sopwith Camel (B3883) DFW C (DESF) 2 E of Mariakerke
3 11 Mar 1918 1000 1N Sopwith Camel (B6359) Albatros D.V (OOC) E of Armentières
4 16 Mar 1918 1625 1N Sopwith Camel (B6359) Albatros D.V (OOC) 3 E of Roulers
5 02 May 1918 1010 201 Sopwith Camel (B6359) C (OOC) 4 N of Albert
6 15 May 1918 0645 201 Sopwith Camel (B5479) Albatros D.V (DES) 5 Bapaume
7 15 May 1918 1745 201 Sopwith Camel (B6421) Albatros D.V (OOC) E of Albert
8 17 May 1918 1930 201 Sopwith Camel (B7191) Albatros D.V (OOC) Albert
9 20 Jul 1918 1020 3 Sopwith Camel (C1698) Hannover C (OOC) 6 Ayette
10 03 Aug 1918 1620 3 Sopwith Camel (C1698) DFW C (DES) S of Arras
11 08 Aug 1918 1400 3 Sopwith Camel (C1698) Rumpler C (OOC) 7 62D X30
12 10 Aug 1918 1040 3 Sopwith Camel (C1698) Fokker D.VII (DES) 62C C54
13 21 Aug 1918 1120 3 Sopwith Camel (C1698) Fokker D.VII (OOC) 57C G8
14 22 Aug 1918 0955 3 Sopwith Camel (C1698) Balloon (DES) 8 Tilloy

1 Shared with FSL Arthur Wood, FSL Harold Stackard, FSL J E Scott (B3907), FCdr Joseph Fall
2 Shared with Capt Joseph Fall, FSL Arthur Wood
3 Shared with FSL Maxwell Findlay
4 Shared with Capt Samuel Kinkead, Lt Anthony Spence, Lt R E Bright (B7267), 2Lt H Riddell (B7225), Lt Reginald Brading
5 Shared with Maj Charles Booker, Lt James Forman, Lt Maxwell Findlay, Lt R Hemmens, Lt Robert McLaughlin, Capt Samuel Kinkead, Lt Reginald Brading, Lt R S S Orr
6 Shared with Lt Adrian Franklyn
7 Shared with 2Lt H S Basford, Lt A D McManus, Lt George Riley, Lt V B McIntosh
8 Shared with Lt George Riley
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