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Name: Ernest Leslie "Feet" Foot
Military Cross (MC)

Ernest Foot

Country: England
Rank: Major
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Units: 11, 56, 60
Victories: 5
Born: 19 May 1895
Place of Birth: Pulborough, Sussex
Died: 23 June 1923 Killed In Flying Accident
Place of Death: Near Chertsey
Ernest Leslie Foot, Albert Ball's best friend, scored five victories before he was shot down in flames over Serre by Hans Imelmann of Jasta 2 on 26 October 1916. Uninjured, Foot was posted to 56 Squadron on 10 March 1917 but was injured in a car crash the night before the squadron left for France. Foot did not fly in combat again. He was killed in a crash on 23 June 1923 when the Bristol monoplane he was flying lost a wing and came down near Chertsey.
Military Cross (MC)
Temp. Lt. (temp. Capt.) Ernest Leslie Foot, Gen. List and R.F.C.
   For conspicuous skill and gallantry. When flying a single-seater scout, he dived on to five hostile machines, which were flying at about 2,500 feet, and drove one to the ground as a wreck. On many other occasions he has shown great determination when fighting enemy machines.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 09 Sep 1916 1630 11 F.E.2b (7016) 1 EA (DES) Irles
2 09 Sep 1916 1630 11 F.E.2b (7016) 1 LVG C (DES) Irles
3 15 Sep 1916 0930 11 F.E.2b (7016) 1 D (DES) Ligny
4 28 Sep 1916 1810 60 SPAD VII (A253) Albatros C (DES) Avesnes les Bapaume
5 21 Oct 1916 1600 60 Nieuport 17 (A212) Roland C.II (OOC) Riencourt

1 Observer 2Lt G K Welsford
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