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Name: Philip Terence Holligan
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Country: England
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Unit: 49
Victories: 6
Born: 20 May 1898
Place of Birth: Clapham, London, England
Died: 29 July 1986
Place of Death: Málaga, Spain
Cemetery: Cementerio Torremolinos
Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain
The son of James and Bessie Holligan, Philip Terence Holligan's birth was registered in the 2nd quarter of 1898 at Wandsworth (for Greater London and Surrey).
British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Lieut. Philip Terence Holligan.
   This officer has taken part in fifty bomb raids and photographic reconnaissances, and has rendered valuable and gallant service. During the battle of the Marne his reports regarding enemy movements, positions of batteries and troops were exceptionally full and accurate and were of the greatest value.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 08 Mar 1918 1315 49 D.H.9 (A7705) 1 Rumpler C (OOC) Brebières
2 10 Mar 1918 1400 49 D.H.9 (A7705) 1 LVG C (OOC) Marquion
3 23 Apr 1918 1550 49 D.H.9 (C6114) 2 Albatros D.V (OOC) E of Nieuport
4 08 Aug 1918 1820 49 D.H.9 (D3052) 3 Fokker D.VII (OOC) Bethencourt
5 09 Aug 1918 0630 49 D.H.9 (D3052) 3 Fokker D.VII (OOC) Falvy
6 09 Aug 1918 1700 49 D.H.9 (D3052) 3 Fokker D.VII (OOC) Marchélepot

1 Pilot 2Lt Gordon Fox Rule
2 Pilot Lt A H Curtiss
3 Pilot Capt Clifford Bowman
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