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Name: Charles Victor Robinson
Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)
Country: England
Rank: Sergeant
Service: Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Air Force
Units: 5N (RNAS)
205 (RAF)
Victories: 7
Place of Birth:  
Place of Death:  
No notes for Charles Victor Robinson.
Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)
No. 207177 Serjeant Charles Victor Robinson, late 205th Squadron, Royal Air Force (France).
   On the 18th May, 1918, whilst acting as observer in a bombing attack on Chaulnes Railway Junction, his formation was attacked by seven enemy scouts. His machine was attacked simultaneously by two of these, One of which he shot down inflames.
   On the previous day he dropped a 112-lb. bomb on this junction, causing a great conflagration.
   Serjeant Robinson has carried out 100 successful bombing raids, and is a most reliable Observer.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 30 Jan 1918 1330 5N D.H.4 (A7744) 1 Albatros D.V (OOC) Engel Airfield
2 22 Apr 1918 1615 205 D.H.4 (A7739) 2 Fokker DR.I (OOC) Chaulnes
3 23 Apr 1918 1940 205 D.H.4 (A7739) 2 Fokker DR.I (OOC) Chaulnes
4 03 May 1918 1545 205 D.H.4 (D9237) 2 Pfalz D.III (DESF) 3 Chaulnes-Rosières
5 03 May 1918 1545 205 D.H.4 (D9237) 2 Pfalz D.III (OOC) 3 Chaulnes-Rosières
6 18 May 1918 1130 205 D.H.4 (D9238) 2 Albatros D.V (DESF) W of Chaulnes
7 20 May 1918 0830 205 D.H.4 (A7739) 1 Pfalz D.III (DESF) 4 Mericombe

1 Pilot FSL J M Mason
2 Pilot Capt Euan Dickson
3 Shared with Lt G E Siedle & AGL William Middleton, Lt Cyril Heywood & AGL SF Langstone, Lt William Elliott & AGL Whalley, Lt Wilson & AGL Mackay, Lt William Grossart & AGL Richards, Lt Fox & AGL C F Ambler, Capt John Gamon & 2Lt Walter Scott, Lt Robert Chalmers & 2Lt Stanley Hamblin, Lt Scott & AGL Humphrey
4 Shared with Capt John Gamon & Sgt William Jones, Lt Cyril Heywood & Sgt S F Langstone, Lt Wilson & AGL Mackay, Lt D J T Mellor & AGL Gillman, Lt W B Elliott & AGL Richards, Lt Fox & AGL Ferrie, Lt William Grossart & 2Lt A R Crosthwaite
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