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Name: Victor Rodney Stokes White
Military Cross (MC) and Bar
Country: England
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Units: 20, 45
Victories: 6
Born: 1895
Place of Birth: Exeter, Devon, England
Died: 1967
Place of Death: Gloucestershire, England
The son of John and Mary White, Victor Rodney Stokes White served as a Forward Observer on the Western Front with the 3rd Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment. He was promoted to Second Lieutenant (on probation) on 30 March 1915 and confirmed in that rank on 2 November 1915. After he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, he scored six victories as an observer.
Military Cross (MC)
2nd Lt. Victor Rodney Stokes White, S. Staff. R., Spec. Res.
   For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when acting as Forward Observation officer. He constantly moved about in the open under very heavy fire and obtained most valuable information.
Military Cross (MC) Bar
2nd Lt. (T./Lt.) Victor Rodney Stokes White, S. Staffs. R., Spec. Res. and R.F.C.
   For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. While acting as observer on an offensive patrol he and his pilot shot down an enemy scout in flames. Later, while on a reconnaissance with three other machines, he and his pilot engaged eight enemy aeroplanes and shot down and destroyed one of them. On another occasion they destroyed one of three hostile scouts and also a hostile two-seater machine.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 13 Jul 1917 1715 45 Sopwith 1½ Strutter (A1016) 1 Albatros D.III (OOC) E of Polygon Wood
2 25 Sep 1917 1830 20 Bristol F.2b (B1126) 2 Albatros D.V (DESF) Becelaère
3 17 Oct 1917 1000 20 Bristol F.2b (B1138) 3 Albatros D.V (DES) Dadizeele
4 18 Oct 1917 0845 20 Bristol F.2b (B1138) 3 Albatros D.V (DES) Houthem-Tenbrielen
5 18 Oct 1917 0900 20 Bristol F.2b (B1138) 3 DFW C (DES) Dadizeele
6 21 Oct 1917 1530 20 Bristol F.2b (B1138) 3 LVG C (DES) Menin

1 Pilot Capt Geoffrey Cock
2 Pilot 2Lt N V Harrison
3 Pilot Capt Harry Luchford
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