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Name: Lewis Ewart Whitehead
Lewis Ewart Whitehead
Country: England
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Units: 60, 65
Victories: 5
Born: 27 April 1894
Place of Birth: London, England
Killed In Action: 20 May 1918 Killed In Action
Place of Death: SE of Albert, France
Memorial: Arras Flying Services Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
The son of Lewis and Adah Whitehead, Lewis Ewart Whitehead enlisted in the London Rifle Brigade in 1914. He was promoted to Captain after he transferred to the 17th Battalion of the King's Royal Rifles. Captain Whitehead received Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate 2682 on a Maurice Farman biplane at military school, Norwich on 23 March 1916. After transferring to the Royal Flying Corps, he was wounded in combat with LVGs whilst flying a Morane BB on 26 July 1916. Flying the Nieuport 17 with 60 Squadron on 11 December 1916, Whitehead scored his first victory when he and other members of his flight shot down and captured an Albatros two-seater. In May 1918, as a Flight Commander in 65 Squadron, he scored four more victories flying the Sopwith Camel. Captain Whitehead was reported missing in action on 20 May 1918. He was last seen in combat with a Fokker DR.I flown by Fritz Rumey of Jasta 5.
Great Britain, Royal Aero Club Aviators' Certificates, 1910-1950
British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920
Source Unknown
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 11 Dec 1916 1030 60 Nieuport 17 Albatros C.III (CAP) 1 Dainville
2 02 May 1918 1325 65 Sopwith Camel (D1876) C (DES) Cerisy-Lamotte
3 03 May 1918 0645 65 Sopwith Camel (D1876) Hannover C (CAP) 2 Heilly
4 15 May 1918 0845 65 Sopwith Camel (D1876) Albatros D.V (DES) SE of Villers-Brettoneaux
5 17 May 1918 1100 65 Sopwith Camel (D1876) Albatros D.V (CAP) NE of Villers-Brettoneaux

1 Shared with Capt Eustace Grenfell, Lt Henry Meintjes, Lt Daly, Lt L S Weedon, Lt Keith Caldwell
2 Shared with 2Lt S W Crane (B1791)
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