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Name: Gilbert Marie de Guingand
Légion d'Honneur
Médaille Militaire
Croix de Guerre
Gilbert de Guingand
Country: France
Rank: Sous Lieutenant
Service: French Air Service
Units: C34; N15, N48; Spa48
Victories: 8
Born: 21 July 1891
Place of Birth: Viroflay, France
Died: 22 October 1918 Killed In Flying Accident
Place of Death:  
De Guingand started out in the infantry but transferred to the French Air Service, becoming a pilot in February 1916. After serving with C34 as a reconnaissance pilot, he was trained as a pursuit pilot and scored all of his victories while serving with N48 and Spa48. He was wounded in action on 3 September 1917.
Médaille Militaire
"Adjudant, pilot of Escadrille N48, excellent pilot who always volunteers for perilous missions. He has to his credit many combats during which he has downed three enemy planes. He was wounded on 3 September 1917, during the course of aerial combat with several enemy planes. Already cited four times in orders." Médaille Militaire citation
Légion d'Honneur
"Temporary Sous Lieutenant, pursuit pilot beyond compare, who has shown on all occasions the highest bravery and audacity. He recently brought to eight the number of his victories, by contributing greatly to the downing of two enemy balloons. Several days later, charged with appraising the attack of our infantry and strafing the enemy, he was obliged to land one kilometer behind enemy lines after his plane had been hit. Leaving his crashed planed to hide in a shell hole to throw off enemy searchers, he succeeded during the night to return to our lines, giving proof again of incomparable energy. One wound, Médaille Militaire for feats of war. Six citations." Légion d'Honneur citation
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 26 Jun 1917 2015 N48   Albatros D 1 Berry-au-Bac
2 18 Aug 1917 N48   Albatros D 2 Foret d'Houthulst
3 26 Aug 1917 N48   Albatros 3 N of Dixmude
4 15 Dec 1917 N48   Two-seater 4 Prosnes
5 21 Mar 1918 1808 Spa48   Albatros 5 Mont Cornilette
6 31 May 1918 Spa48   Fokker DR.I S of Soissons
7 06 Jun 1918 Spa48   Balloon 3 Catigny
8 07 Jun 1918 Spa48   Balloon 6 Vezaponin

1 Shared with Sgt M Renauld
2 Shared with Lt Armand de Turenne
3 Shared with Adj René Montrion
4 Shared with Capt Jacques Sabattier de Vignolle, Adj M Renauld, S/Lt Robert Delannoy
5 Shared with S/Lt Andre Barcat
6 Shared with Adj René Montrion, Adj Edmond Caillaux
Over the Front
by Norman L. R. Franks, Frank W. Bailey / Hardcover / Grub Street the Basement (May 1992)
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