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Name: Ernest Joseph Jules Maunoury Balloon-Buster
Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur
Croix de Guerre with 7 Palms, 1 Silver Star
Ernest Joseph Jules Maunoury
Country: France
Rank: Sous Lieutenant
Service: French Air Service
Units: C64; F16; N152, Spa152
Victories: 11
Born: 20 November 1894
Place of Birth: Saint Clair de Halouse
Died: 21 September 1921 Killed In Flying Accident
Place of Death: Cazaux
Maunoury joined the army on 7 September 1914. Wounded in action while serving with the infantry, he transferred to the French Air Service on 2 June 1916. He scored his first victory as an observer with Escadrille C64. Reassigned to F16 on 27 January 1917, Maunoury was selected for pilot training and received a Pilot's Brevet on 7 June 1917. As a fighting pilot, he joined N152 on 19 September 1917 but did not score any victories until the summer of the following year. During 1918, he downed 8 balloons and 2 German two-seaters.
Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur
"Officer of high moral values. Severely wounded in the infantry where he was remarkable because of his audacity. He refused an assignment to auxiliary service and entered aviation at his request as an observer. After having downed one enemy plane he was transferred to pursuit aviation where he has never ceased to demonstrate the noble qualities of spirit, energy and bravery. On 15 September 1918, in the course of a patrol, he flamed two enemy observation balloons. Two wounds, three enemy planes an six balloons downed. Four citations." Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur citation, 9 October 1918
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 26 Sep 1916 C64   Fokker  
2 30 Jun 1918 Spa152   Balloon St. Marie-a-Py
3 20 Jul 1918 1005 Spa152   Rumpler C 1 Nogent l'Abbesse
4 20 Jul 1918 1015 Spa152   Two-seater 1 Faverolles
5 30 Aug 1918 0820 Spa152   Balloon 2 Chavonne
6 01 Sep 1918 1840 Spa152   Balloon 2 Pont Arcy
7 04 Sep 1918 0645 Spa152   Balloon 3 Pont Arcy
8 15 Sep 1918 0730 Spa152   Balloon 2 Ailles
9 15 Sep 1918 Spa152   Balloon 2 Hubertise
10 01 Oct 1918 1350 Spa152   Balloon 2 Orainville
11 01 Oct 1918 Spa152   Balloon 2 Orainville

1 Shared with S/Lt Del Antoine Gaston Vial
2 Shared with S/Lt Léon Jean Pierre Bourjade
3 Shared with S/Lt Léon Jean Pierre Bourjade, Cpl Manson
Over the Front
by Norman L. R. Franks, Frank W. Bailey / Hardcover / Grub Street the Basement (May 1992)
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