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Name: Achille Justin Ernest Rousseaux
M├ędaille Militaire
Croix de Guerre [France]
Achille Justin Ernest Rousseaux

Country: France
Rank: Adjudant
Service: French Air Service
Units: C46, N79, N88
Victories: 6
Born: 29 August 1887
Place of Birth: Dijon
Place of Death:  
Achille Justin Ernest Rousseaux
Achille Justin Ernest Rousseaux was wounded in action on 23 November 1916.
Médaille Militaire
"Brigadier machine-gunner of Escadrille C46. Excellent gunner, very courageous and adroit. On 16 November 1916, during the course of an aerial combat, he downed his adversary bringing therewith the number of enemy planes he had shot down to three. On 23 November he was attacked successively by groups of three or four German planes; he opposed them with remarkable resistance even after having his right arm hit by a bullet. He returned with his plane very badly damaged." Médaille Militaire citation, 2 December 1916
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 08 Sep 1916 C46   EA 1  
2 10 Nov 1916 C46   Roland 2 E of Braleux
3 16 Nov 1916 C46   Albatros 3 Brie
4 23 Nov 1916 C46   Aviatik 4  
5 14 Apr 1917 1210 C46   EA 2 S of Craonne
6 02 Dec 1917 N88   Two-seater 5 S of Ployart

1 Shared with Lt Jean Loste and Soldat Louis Martin; Sgt Combret, Brig Cadot, Lt Barbou
2 Shared with Capt Didier Lecour Grandmaison, MdL Marie Vitalis
3 Shared with S/Lt Jean Loste, MdL Marie Vitalis
4 Shared with S/Lt Barbie, Adj Mazeron
5 Shared with S/Lt Lufbery, Sgt Vidal, Brig Wurtz, Cpl Cadot
Over the Front
by Norman L. R. Franks, Frank W. Bailey / Hardcover / Grub Street the Basement (May 1992)
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