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Name: Wilhelm Cymera
Country: Germany
Rank: Offizierstellvertreter
Units: Jasta 1
Victories: 5
Born: 05 October 1885
Place of Birth: Elberfeld, Westphalia
Died: 09 May 1917 Killed In Action
Place of Death: Over Chamouille
On the evening of 22 August 1916, Cymera's Roland two-seater was shot down over Maurepas by English ace Albert Ball of 11 Squadron. Crashing into the roof of a house near Vaux, Cymera survived but his observer was killed. After training on single-seat fighters, he was reassigned to Jasta 1 near the end of the year. On 27 December 1916, he witnessed the crew of an F.E.2b shoot down Gustav Leffers and promptly attacked John Quested's two-seater, wounding the observer and forcing it down behind the British lines. The following year, Cymera was killed in action when his aircraft was shot down by the French.
#1 John QuestedEngland
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 27 Dec 1916 1220 Jasta 1   F.E.2b (7666) Near Cherisy
2 06 Mar 1917 1350 Jasta 1   Nieuport S of Wailly
3 11 Mar 1917 1250 Jasta 1   F.E.2b Noreuil
4 01 May 1917 1300 Jasta 1   Balloon N of Conde
u/c 05 May 1917 1730 Jasta 1   Morane Parasol Courtecon
5 07 May 1917 Jasta 1   SPAD (FTL) Vendreuil
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