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Name: Alexander Montanus Zenzes
Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class Alexander Zenzes
Country: Germany
Rank: Vizeflugmeister
Units: MFJ 2
Victories: 18
Born: 10 July 1898
Place of Birth: Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany
Died: September 1980
Place of Death:  
Cemetery: Fresh Pond Crematory, Middle Village, New York, USA
Flying the Fokker D.VII, Alexander Zenzes scored 7 victories in the summer of 1918 before he was slightly wounded by flak over Ostende-Oudenburg on 22 July 1918. He was wound again on 1 August 1918. Returning to duty in the fall, he scored 12 more victories by the end of the war. He later served with the Marine Freikorps in the Baltic under Gotthard Saschenberg.

Zenses received a doctorate in economics from a German university in the 1920s and emigrated to the United States about 1926. Petitioning for citizenship in 1929, he became a naturalized American citizen in 1934 and remained in San Francisco with his wife, Gertrude, during the 1930s and 40s. During that time, he was employed as a sales manager, a clerk and was involved in chemical research. In 1942, the FBI considered him to be "a very clever German agent" and suspected he was engaged in subversive activites in Mexico. He lived in New York City in the 1950s.

Listed as Alexandre Zenses in numerous sources. Additional info: Alexander Zenzes, finally some info !
Petition for Citizenship, California, Federal Naturalization Records, 30 April 1934
Declaration of Intention, California, Federal Naturalization Records, 27 March 1929
Case Files of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 29 September 1942
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 05 Jun 1918 1832 MFJ II   Sopwith Camel E of Avekapelle
2 27 Jun 1918 MFJ II   D.H.9 Blankenberghe
3 27 Jun 1918 MFJ II   Sopwith Camel (B7186) Wenduyne
4 28 Jun 1918 MFJ II   Bristol F.2b S of Blankartsee
5 29 Jun 1918 MFJ II   Bristol F.2b SE of Dixmude
6 30 Jun 1918 2040 MFJ II   D.H.9 Middlekerke
7 20 Jul 1918 1025 MFJ II   Sopwith Camel Westende
u/c 29 Jul 1918 MFJ II   EA  
8 25 Sep 1918 1800 MFJ II   Sopwith Camel (B7252) Wynendaele
9 28 Sep 1918 1230 MFJ II   Sopwith Camel Woumen
10 03 Oct 1918 MFJ II   D.H.9 N of Roulers
11 03 Oct 1918 MFJ II   D.H.9 N of Roulers
12 14 Oct 1918 MFJ II   EA  
13 14 Oct 1918 MFJ II   EA  
14 14 Oct 1918 MFJ II   EA  
zlg 15 Oct 1918 MFJ II   Sopwith Dolphin  
15 23 Oct 1918 MFJ II   Sopwith Camel Merendree
16 23 Oct 1918 MFJ II   Sopwith Camel Merendree
17 23 Oct 1918 MFJ II   Sopwith Camel Oostwinkel
18 27 Oct 1918 MFJ II   Sopwith Camel S of Dienze
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