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Name: Juri Vladimirovich Gilsher
Order of St. George, 4th Class
Order or St. Vladimir, 4th Class with Swords & Bows
Order of St. Stanislas, 3rd Class
Order of St. Anne, 4th Class
Juri Gilsher
Country: Russia
Rank: Cornet
Service: Imperial Russian Air Service
Unit: 7th Fighter Detachment
Victories: 5
Born: 27 November 1894
Place of Birth: Moscow
Killed In Action: 20 July 1917 Killed In Action
Place of Death: Near Tarnopol
Cemetery: Bugach, Galicia
Of noble birth, Gilsher studied civil engineering before entering the Nikoliavsky Cavalry school on 13 December 1914. On 29 August 1915, he transferred to the air service, first attending flight school at Gatchina before going to the front with the newly formed 4th Army Air Detachment on 19 November 1915. A few weeks later, an accident with a propellor blade injured his left hand. When he recovered, Gilsher completed advanced flight training at Odessa, then returned to the front on 5 April 1916. Promoted to Cornet (Cavalry Second Lieutenant), he was attached to the newly formed 7th Fighter Detachment. Crashing a badly damaged Sikorsky S-16 on 9 May 1916, Gilsher's left leg had to be amputated. Refusing to give up his flying career, he learned to use a prosthesis, returned to his squadron as temporary commander and continued flying combat missions. Flying the Nieuport 21, he was credited with five victories before he was killed in action by enemy fire.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 13 Apr 1917 7th Nieuport 21 (1872) Hansa-Brandenburg C.I (67.03) 1 Near Posetch, Galicia
2 13 Apr 1917 7th Nieuport 21 (1872) Hansa-Brandenburg C.I (67.04) 1 Near Stanislau
3 15 May 1917 7th Nieuport 21 (1872) Oeffag C.III (52.52) Boshovze
4 17 Jul 1917 7th Nieuport 11 (1679) EA SW of Posuchov
5 20 Jul 1917 7th Nieuport 21 (2451) EA 2 Tarnopol

1 Shared with Lt Donat Makeenok and Ens Vasili Yanchenko
2 Shared with Ens Vasili Yanchenko
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