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Name: Alexander Mikhailovich Pishvanov
Order of St. George, 4th Class
Cross of St. George, 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th Class
Order of St. Stanislas, 3rd Class
Order of St. Vladimir, 4th Class with Swords
Alexander Pishvanov Order of St. Anne, 4th Class
Country: Russia
Rank: Praporshik
Service: Imperial Russian Air Service
Unit: 10th Fighter Detachment
Victories: 5
Born: 21 October 1893
Place of Birth: Novocherkassk
Died: 1964
Place of Death: New York, New York, USA
No notes.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 21 Mar 1917 10th Nieuport 21 Two-seater Near Galatz
2 28 Mar 1917 10th Nieuport 21 Two-seater S of Galatz
3 26 Jun 1917 10th Nieuport 21 Two-seater Near Galatz
4 04 Jul 1917 10th Nieuport 21 Hansa-Brandenburg C.I (68.54) Endependanze
5 07 Jul 1917 a.m. 10th Nieuport 21 Two-seater Latinul
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