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Name: Malcolm Graham Stewart Burger
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Country: South Africa
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: Royal Air Force
Units: 54
Victories: 5
Born: 14 September 1894
Place of Birth: Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Place of Death:  
The sons of Barend and Margaret Burger, Malcolm Graham Stewart Burger and his brother, Maurice Fitzgerald S. Burger, served with the Royal Air Force. In 1918 Lieutenant Burger downed five enemy machines flying the Sopwith Camel with 54 Squadron.

AIR 76/66/156
AIR 76/66/156, Page 1 of 4
AIR 76/66/156, Page 2 of 4
AIR 76/66/156, Page 3 of 4
AIR 76/66/156, Page 4 of 4
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Lieut. (A./Capt.) Malcolm Graham Stewart Burger. (FRANCE)
   During the last battles this officer displayed marked gallantry and devotion to duty on low-flying bombing patrols, inflicting heavy casualties on numerous occasions. He has destroyed three enemy machines, and forced another to land.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 18 Jun 1918 0900 54 Sopwith Camel (B7171) Fokker D.VII (DESF) NE of Armentières
2 03 Sep 1918 0700 54 Sopwith Camel (E5175) Hannover CL (DES) Moeuvres
3 07 Sep 1918 1910 54 Sopwith Camel (E5175) Halberstadt C (DES) 1 NW of Marquion
4 28 Sep 1918 1315 54 Sopwith Camel (C8345) Fokker D.VII (DES) NW of Raillencourt
5 02 Oct 1918 1740 54 Sopwith Camel (F1986) Fokker D.VII (CAP) 2 Tilloy

1 Shared with Capt George Hackwill, Lt J C MacLennan (F1962), Lt C G Vandyk (F2060), 2Lt H J Fuller (F5932)
2 Shared with 2Lt J C Dallin (C3380), Capt A D C Browne (F1987), 2Lt H J Fuller (F1988), Capt V S Bennett (F2131), Lt E C Crosse (F2132)
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