Graves Registration Letter
From: Graves Registration Officer, Neufchateau Area No. 1
To: Chief of Air Service, A.P.O.
Subject: Grave, Unknown American Aviator
1. Units of this service have located the grave of an unknown aviator killed Sunday, Sept. 29, 1918, in the village of Murvaux.
2. From the inspection of the grave and interview held with the inhabitants of this town, the following information was learned in regard to this aviator and his heroism. He is reported as having light hair, young, of medium height and of heavy stature.

Reported by the inhabitants that previous to being killed this man had brought down three (3) German balloons, two German planes and dropped hand bombs killing eleven German soldiers and wounding a number of others.

He was wounded himself in the shoulder and evidently had to make a forced landing. Upon landing he opened fire with his automatic and fought until he was killed.

It is also reported that the Germans took his shoes, leggings and money, leaving his grave unmarked."

Chester E. Staten
Captain of Infantry
G.R.S. Office

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