Murvaux Affidavit
"The undersigned, living in Murvaux, Department of the Meuse, certify to have seen on the 29th of September, 1918, toward evening an American aviator followed by an escadrille of Germans in the direction of Liny, descend suddenly and vertically toward the earth, then straighten out close to the ground and fly in the direction of Briers Farm, where he found a German captive balloon which he burned. Then he flew toward Milly where he found another balloon which he also burned in spite of incessant fire directed toward his machine. There he apparantly was wounded by a shot from rapid fire cannon. From there he came back over Murvaux and still with his guns he killed six German soldiers and wounded as many more. Following this he landed and got out of his machine, undoubtedly to quench his thirst at the stream. He had gone 50 yeards when seeing the Germans come toward him still had the strength to draw his revolver to defend himself. A moment after he fell dead following a serious wound he received in the chest.

Signatures of the following inhabitants:

René Colon
Auguste Cuny
Henry Gustave
Eugene Coline
Odile Patouche
Richard Victor
Valentine Garre
Gustave Carre
Leon Henry
Cortine Delbart
Gabriel Didier
Camille Phillips
Voliner Nicholas
The undersigned themselves placed the body of the aviator on the wagon and conducted it to the cemetery:
Cortine Delbart
Voliner Nicholas
Seen for legalization of signatures placed above, Murvaux, Jan. 15, 1919
The Mayor
Auguste Garre"

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