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Name: William John MacKenzie
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Croix de Guerre (Belgium)
William John MacKenzie
Country: United States
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Air Force
Units: Dunkirk Seaplane Defence
209, 213
Victories: 8
Born: 09 January 1894
Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Place of Death:  
A draughtsman living in Port Robinson, Ontario when he enlisted in the Royal Naval Air Service, William John MacKenzie served with the Dunkirk Seaplane Defence (later 213 Squadron), bombing and providing ground support for the advance of the Belgian army. Posted to 209 Squadron on 14 March 1918, he was wounded in action during the famous battle on 21 April 1918 that ultimately ended with the death of Manfred von Richthofen. He rejoined 213 Squadron on 8 October 1918 and remained with this unit until he left the Royal Air Force on 20 May 1919. In 1918 he scored 8 victories flying the Sopwith Camel. He was living in New York City in 1942, employed by the Federal Marks Agency.

See Public Record Office Air 1/107/15/9/287
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 1918   209 Sopwith Camel Fokker DR.I (DES)  
2 1918   209 Sopwith Camel Fokker (DES)  
3 1918   209 Sopwith Camel Pfalz (DES)  
4 1918   209 Sopwith Camel LVG (DES)  
5 1918   209 Sopwith Camel LVG 1  
6 1918   213 Sopwith Camel Fokker (DES)  
7 1918   213 Sopwith Camel Fokker (OOC)  
8 1918   213 Sopwith Camel LVG (DES) 1  

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