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Name: Francis May Simonds
Croix de Guerre with Palm Francis Simonds
Country: United States
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: United States Air Service
Units: 147th Aero
Victories: 5
Born: 17 Oct 1894
Place of Birth: Flushing, New York, USA
Died: 10 July 1961
Place of Death: Naples, Florida, USA
Cemetery: All Saints Cemetery, Great Neck, New York, USA
Captain of the football team and a member of the varsity eight in his junior year, Francis May Simonds graduated from Columbia University in 1916. Flying the SPAD XIII, Simonds was one of five airmen to become an ace while serving with the 147th Aero Squadron under James Meissner.
French Croix de Guerre
An excellent pilot who has always shown great courage and an absolute scorn for danger. On 2 July 1918, being on a patrol of seven planes, he continued a hard fight although both his machine guns jammed. On 16 July 1918, he attacked three enemy planes, brought down one, forced another to land and put the third to flight.
General Order No. 12.027, GHQ French Armies of the East, 29 November 1918
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 05 Jul 1918 0930 147th   Pfalz D.III 1 Château Thierry
2 16 Jul 1918 1415 147th   Fokker D.VII 2 Dormans
3 24 Jul 1918 1735 147th   Fokker D.VII 3 Bois de Fère
4 02 Oct 1918 1815 147th   Halberstadt C 4 Bois de Fère
5 12 Oct 1918 0945 147th   Hannover CL 5 Romagne

1 Shared with Lt Ralph O'Neill
2 Shared with Lt A H Jones, Lt C P Porter
3 Shared with Lt T L Abernathy, Lt James Healy, Lt A H Jones, Lt Ralph O'Neill, Lt S P Porter
4 Shared with Lt A H Jones, Lt Hamilton Coolidge, Lt E G Garnsey
5 Shared with Lt T J Abernathy, Lt Kenneth Porter
American Aces of World War 1
by Norman Franks, Harry Dempsey (Illustrator) / Paperback / Osprey Publishing (September 25, 2001)
Over the Front
by Norman L. R. Franks, Frank W. Bailey / Hardcover / Grub Street the Basement (May 1992)
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