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Most similar to the Nieuport 11, the Nieuport 16 was built with the same airframe. To increase its speed, it was equipped with a larger engine but was nose heavy and difficult to fly. Originally armed with a Lewis gun over the top wing, a few later Nieuport 16s were equipped with a synchronized machine gun. For attacking German balloons along the Western Front, some Nieuport 16s were also armed with up to eight Le Prieur rockets. Withdrawn from combat in late 1916, the Nieuport 16 was replaced by the Nieuport 17 but remained in service as an advanced trainer.
Belgian Air Service: 1ère
French Air Service: N48, N65, N69, N124
Imperial Russian Air Service:  
Royal Flying Corps: 1, 11, 60
Nieuport 16 Specifications
Country: France
Manufacturer: Societe Anonyme des Etablissements Nieuport
Type: Fighter
First Introduced: 1916
Number Built:  
Engine(s): 110 hp Le Rhône 9J
Wing Span: (7.52 m)
Length: (5.64 m)
Height: (2.40 m)
Empty Weight: (375 kg)
Gross Weight: (550 kg)
Max Speed: 102 mph (165 km/h)
Crew: 1
Armament: 1 machine gun
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