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The creation of C.J.H. MacKenzie-Kennedy, the Kennedy Giant biplane bomber was aptly named. A huge aircraft for its time, it was also a giant design failure. Manufactured in Hayes, England by the Gramophone Company, Ltd., it was constructed out in the open because none of the Northolt Aerodrome hangars were large enough to contain it. Despite its four engines, the Kennedy Giant was so underpowered that once airborne it could do little more than fly in a straight line.
Kennedy Giant Specifications
Country: Great Britain
Manufacturer: Kennedy Aeroplanes, Ltd.
Type: Heavy Bomber
First Introduced: 1914
Number Built: 1
Engine: 4 Salmson, 200 hp
Wing Span: 142 ft
Length: 80 ft
Empty Weight: 19,000 lb
Gross Weight:
Max Speed:
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