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When the Sopwith Pup entered service in the fall of 1916, it quickly became a favorite of pilots in the Royal Naval Air Service. Squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps began receiving the Pup in January 1917. It was superior to the Fokker scouts and more than a match for any of the new Halberstadt and Albatros scouts. Armed with a single synchronous machine gun, it was lighter and less dangerous than it's successor, the Sopwith Camel. Although underpowered, pilots liked the Pup because it was fast and maneuverable. It could climb and hold its altitude better than any other fighter at the time. In August 1917, the Sopwith Pup was the first aircraft to land aboard a moving ship, the Royal Navy's H.M.S. Furious.

"We saw at once that the enemy airplane was superior to ours." Manfred von Richthofen, after encountering the Sopwith Pup in combat

"When it came to maneuvering, the Sopwith [Pup] would turn twice to an Albatros' once." James McCudden

" was a remarkably fine machine for general all-round flying.  It was so extremely light and well surfaced that after a little practice one could almost land it on a tennis court." James McCudden
Sopwith Pup Specifications
Country: Great Britain
Manufacturer: Sopwith Aviation Company
Type: Fighter
First Introduced: October 1916
Number Built: 1,770
Engine(s): Le Rhône 9C, 9 cylinder, air cooled rotary, 80 hp
Gnôme Monosoupape, air cooled rotary, 100 hp
Wing Span: 26 ft 6 in (8 m)
Length: 19 ft 3¾ in (5.86 m)
Height: 9 ft 5 in
Empty Weight: 856 lb
Gross Weight: 1225 lb (555 kg)
Max Speed: 106 mph (161 km/h)
Ceiling: 18,500 ft (5639 m)
Endurance: 3 hours
Crew: 1
Armament: 1 Vickers .303 machine gun
Sopwith Pup Units
Australian Flying Corps: 6, 8
Royal Flying Corps: 46, 54, 66
Royal Naval Air Service: 1N, 3N, 8N, 9N, 11N, 13N
Sopwith Pup Aces (28)
1 England Scott, Maurice Douglas Guest 11
2 Canada Malone, John Joseph 10
3 Ireland Casey, Francis Dominic 9
4 Canada Kerby, Harold Spencer 9
5 Canada Fall, Joseph Stewart Temple 8
6 Canada Smith, Langley Frank Willard 8
7 Canada Breadner, Lloyd Samuel 7
8 Australia Brewster-Joske, Clive Alexander 7
9 England Charley, Reginald Morse 7
10 Australia Goble, Stanley James 6
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