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"A great deal of an aeroplane could be holed without affecting its ability to fly. Wings and fuselage could be—and often were—pierced in 50 places, missing the occupants by inches (blissfully unaware of how close it had come until they returned to base). Then the sailmaker would carefully cover each hole with a square inch of Irish linen frayed at the edges and with a brushful of dope make our aircraft 'serviceable' again within an hour." Lewis, Cecil. Farewell to Wings. London: Temple Press Books, 1964.
WWI Aircraft Serial Number:

Viewing all records: 16921
  Serial # Aircraft Unit Pilots/Observers
E1412 Sopwith Camel 148th Aero Squadron 1Lt L H Forster
E1414 Sopwith Camel 148th Aero Squadron 2Lt O Mandel
E1415 Sopwith Camel 65 Squadron 2Lt F Niseroi
  Sopwith Camel 65 Squadron William Harry Bland
E1416 Sopwith Camel 4 Squadron (AFC) P J Sims
  Sopwith Camel 4 Squadron (AFC) Arthur Henry Cobby
  Sopwith Camel 4 Squadron (AFC) Elwyn Roy King
E1417 Sopwith Camel 4 Squadron (AFC) Leonard Thomas Eaton Taplin
E1432 Sopwith Camel
E1456 Sopwith Camel
E1467 Sopwith Camel 43 Squadron Henry Winslow Woollett
E1468 Sopwith Camel 208 Squadron Lt J W Marshall
E1471 Sopwith Camel 148th Aero Squadron 2Lt J E Frobisher
E1472 Sopwith Camel 70 Squadron James Henry Forman
  Sopwith Camel 70 Squadron Dennis Henry Stacey Gilbertson
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