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"A great deal of an aeroplane could be holed without affecting its ability to fly. Wings and fuselage could be—and often were—pierced in 50 places, missing the occupants by inches (blissfully unaware of how close it had come until they returned to base). Then the sailmaker would carefully cover each hole with a square inch of Irish linen frayed at the edges and with a brushful of dope make our aircraft 'serviceable' again within an hour." Lewis, Cecil. Farewell to Wings. London: Temple Press Books, 1964.
World War I Aircraft Production
France 67,987
Great Britain 58,144
Germany 48,537
Italy 20,000
USA 15,000
Austro-Hungarian Empire 5,431
Russia 4,700
Front Line Combat Aircraft
1914     1918
France 138
Great Britain 113
Germany 232
Italy 150
USA 55
Russia 244
Austro-Hungarian Empire 86
Belgium 24
Aircraft Lost (Shot Down, Crashed, Damaged)
France 52,640
Great Britain 35,973
Germany 27,637
Source: Angelucci, Enzo. Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft. Edison: Chartwell Books, 2001.
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