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Many thanks to the individuals and organizations that selected The Aerodrome for the following awards!

Patriot Award
The Patriot Files
The Patriot Award
10 February 2004

StudyWeb Excellence Award
Excellence Award
12 August 1999

RockHill Communications

RockHill Communications
Web Feet Seal of Approval
20 October 2000
15 November 1999
Links2Go Key Resource -
Links2Go Key Resource
Military History Topic
9 November 1998
Education Channels -
Education Channels

Featured Education Site
10 September 1998
Kaj's No:1 Link
Kaj's Links
No. 1 Link Award
May 1998

Prime Navigator Site Award -
Prime Navigator Site Award
26 February 1998
Syop's Award for Excellence -
Syop's Award for Excellence
17 February 1998
Internet Scout Project -
Internet Scout Project
Scout Report for Social Sciences
13 January 1998

Surfer's Choice Finalist -
Surfer's Choice
Site of the Year Finalist
17 January 1998
Approved by Wetwired Webcenter
Wetwired Webcenter
11 January 1998
Recommended by The History Channel -
The History Channel
Recommended Site
9 January 1998

Dr. Webster's Web Site of the Day -
Dr. Webster
Web Site of the Day
7 January 1998

Cool dot Com Site of the Day -
Cool dot Com
Site of the Day
7 January 1998
GAR Award
GAR Award
8 November 1997

Jumbles Gold Award -
Jumbles Gold Award
9 November 1997
WebFlier's Wings Award
WebFlier's Wings AwardWebFlier's Wings AwardWebFlier's Wings Award
WebFlier's Wings Award
Wings Award
26 October 1997
Home and Hearth Award of Excellence
Home & Hearth
Award of Excellence
20 October 1997

HART Enterprises' Fly With Eagles Award
HART Enterprises
"Fly With Eagles" Award
18 October 1997
WebWalkers' What-A Site Award
What-A Site Award
14 October 1997

Surfer's Choice Best of the Web
Surfer's Choice
Best of the Web
17 October 1997
The Médaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence
The Médaille d'Or
For Web Site Excellence
7 October 1997
Project Cool Site of the Day
Project Cool
Cool Site of the Day
1 October 1997

The Broadside Award - Aircraft Category
USS Iowa (BB-61) Veteran's Association
Broadside Award - Aircraft Category
29 Sep 1997
Cool Central Site of the Hour
Cool Central
Site of the Hour
1 October 1997 @ 1:00 am
WebTrips Network Site of the Week
WebTrips Network™
Rockin' Site of the Week
30 September 1997

Cool Site of the Day -
Cool Site Central
Site of the Day
26 September 1997
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