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43 Squadron Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force
| Total Clicks: 1464 | Report Broken Link |
The History of the Fighting Cocks, 1916-66
by J Beedle
Unknown Binding: 336 pages
Publisher: Beaumont Aviation Literature (1966)
Language: English
ASIN: B0006BSJ06
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Aces of Jagdstaffel 17
| Total Clicks: 666 | Report Broken Link |
by Greg Vanwyngarden (Author) , Harry Dempsey (Illustrator)
Series: Aircraft of the Aces
Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing (November 19, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1780967187
ISBN-13: 978-1780967189
Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.2 x 0.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 13 ounces

This German World War I fighter squadron led by a Blue Max recipient didn't include Richtofen (the Red Baron), but it's range of colorful characters was nonetheless impressive. Initially formed to assist in the defence of the city of Metz against French bombing raids, Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 17 would go on to become one of the most distinguished German fighter units of World War 1. Its first victory was scored by the pilot whose story is inextricably interwoven with that of his unit - the 'Blue Max' recipient Julius Buckler. Buckler would rise from a humble NCO to commander of the Staffel, and overcome numerous wounds to score 35 of the squadron's total of 101 confirmed victories. He was largely responsible for inspiring the unit's unique Esprit de Corps, expressed in its famous and unique 'battle-cry' of 'Malaula!' Indeed, in its final days the unit gained the nickname Zirkus Buckler, or the 'Buckler Circus'. Besides Buckler, Jasta 17 boasted such aces as Karl Strasser, Alfred Fleischer and Christian Donhauser. In addition, the roster included colourful characters like the successful Jewish airman Jakob Wolff, who at over 48 years of age was the oldest German fighter pilot of the war. The story of this illustrious unit is told with many first-hand accounts by Buckler, Fleischer and others, as well as dozens of rare archival photos of the unit's beautifully decorated fighter aircraft.
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The Black Cat Squadron
| Total Clicks: 1847 | Report Broken Link |
Night Bombing in World War I
by Humphrey Wynn
Hardcover: 239 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 9.50 x 6.25
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press; (April 1990)
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The Camel Drivers
| Total Clicks: 2103 | Report Broken Link |
The 17th Aero Squadron in World War I
by Otis Lowell Reed, George Roland
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (January 1, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN: 0764300717

The 17th Aero Squadron flew Sopwith Camels under British command along the Western Front during the summer of 1918. This definitive work on the 17th Aero Squadron in World War I is drawn from a wide range of official and personal sources, including original squadron records (found in an attic!), numerous interviews, letters written home, and half a dozen diaries - including one kept by a German pilot flying in opposition.
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The Flying Elephants
| Total Clicks: 1491 | Report Broken Link |
A history of No. 27 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force, 1915-69
by Chaz Bowyer
Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Limited, London (1972)
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Groupe De Combat 12 'Les Cigognes'
| Total Clicks: 1953 | Report Broken Link |
France's Ace Fighter Group in World War I
by Jon Guttman
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Osprey Publishing (UK) (November 25, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN: 1841767530

This book traces the combat history of the most famous and highest-scoring fighter group in France's World War I Aviation Militaire. Groupe de Combat 12 boasted the highest-scoring Allied fighter pilot, Rene Fonck, and France's most celebrated hero of the air, Georges Guynemer. Its ranks included numerous other famous aces, such as Rene Dorme, Alfred Heurteaux, Albert Deullin, and American volunteers Edwin Parsons and Frank L. Baylies. Additionally, Guynemer was instrumental in developing France's premier series of fighter planes, the SPAD VII, XII, XIII and XVII.
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The Hat in the Ring Gang
| Total Clicks: 2091 | Report Broken Link |
The Combat History of the 94th Aero Squadron in World War One (Schiffer Military History)
by Charles Woolley
Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (October 2001)
Language: English
ISBN: 0764314270

The names Raoul Lufbery, Doug Campbell, Reed Chambers, Ham Coolidge, and the greatest American fighter ace of World War I, Eddie Rickenbacker, are those most closely associated with Uncle Sam's "Hat in the Ring" squadron, the 94th Aero Squadron, U.S. Air Service, 1917-1919. This all new book, "The Hat in the Ring Gang," contains a rich mixture of official as well as personal contemporarily written accounts of the 94th Aero Squadron, the most successful pursuit squadron in the United States Air Service. Combat reports, letters of the aces, and diary entries of other pilots are woven together to tell the story. Over 375 photographs, color profiles on Nieuports and Spads, rosters of pilots, aircraft, and citations for bravery awards round out this lively history of war in the air American style, spotlighting the gallant 94th.
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High in the Empty Blue
| Total Clicks: 2108 | Report Broken Link |
The History of 56 Squadron, Rfc/Raf 1916-1920
by Alex Revell
Hardcover: ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 11.75 x 8.75
Publisher: Flying Machines Press; (April 1995)
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A History of No. 10 Squadron
| Total Clicks: 1772 | Report Broken Link |
RNAS Service in World War I
by Mike Westrop
Hardcover: 194 pages
Publisher: Schiffer Aviation History (January 2004)
Language: English
ISBN: 0764320556

No.10 Squadron of England's Royal Naval Air Service was formed at St. Pol, a suburb of Dunkerque, in February 1917, as part of the rapid naval aviation expansion programme required by the Royal Naval Air Service's commitment to assist the Royal Flying Corps on the Western Front. Seconded to the Royal Flying Corps and initially flying the 'state of the art' Sopwith Triplane, the squadron's predominantly Canadian pilots established an enviable reputation and created the legend of the Black Flight that is still discussed today. A change in aircraft to the Sopwith Camel at the end of August, kept the squadron at the cutting edge of technology, but a major disagreement over carrying out the Royal Flying Corps orders resulted in an unscheduled return to Naval control in October. The squadron remained under Naval control until the April 1, 1918, when the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Flying Corps were amalgamated into the fledgling Royal Air Force. This volume provides the detailed history of this squadron's activities, combat claims, accidents and fatalities, aircraft and markings, pilots, and ground officers.
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A History of No. 6 Squadron
| Total Clicks: 1425 | Report Broken Link |
by Mike Westrop
Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Ltd (April 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 076432425X

Despite No.6 Squadron RNAS being the first British fighter squadron to deploy a production twin gun scout on the Western Front (beating the Royal Flying Corp's elite 56 Squadron by a couple of weeks) and the first squadron to take the notoriously unreliable Siddeley Puma powered D.H.9 into battle, almost nothing has been published about the activities of this important Royal Naval Air Service squadron. The lack of published information can perhaps be explained by the fact that a large block of the squadron's daily reports are inexplicably missing from their “box” in Britain's National Archives. After much effort and time, Mike Westrop discovered the “missing” documents in a Royal Flying Corps War Diary. This pilots' log books, and many previously unpublished photographs has enabled the author to produce the first in-depth look at the activities and accomplishments of this “forgotten” squadron. The Royal Naval Air Service had a reputation for fielding the most colorful Allied machines in France and Belgium, and the reputation was upheld by the Nieuport scouts of No.6 Squadron. A collection of superb new colour profiles from Mark Miller depicts the squadron's Nieuport 17Bis scouts to perfection.
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