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Ace of Aces
| Total Clicks: 71863 | Report Broken Link |
Year: 1933
Stars: Richard Dix, Elizabeth Allan, Ralph Bellamy
Director: J. Walter Ruben
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 74 minutes
Aircraft: Fleet 2, Garland Lincoln LF-1, Nieuport 28, Travel Air 2000, Waco 7 and Waco 10
Summary: Sculptor who doesn't want to have any part of World War I is shamed by his girlfriend into joining the army. He becomes a fighter pilot, and undergoes a complete personality change. Aerial footage of dogfights rivals that of "Hell's Angels."
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Aces - A Story of the First Air War
| Total Clicks: 73296 | Report Broken Link |
Year: 1997
Director: Raoul Fox
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 92 minutes 32 seconds
Summary: Using rarely-seen archival footage, Aces chronicles the wartime career of a Canadian airman, providing a first-hand glimpse of the war just 11 years after the Wright brothers pioneered the flying machine.
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Aces High
| Total Clicks: 64218 | Report Broken Link |
Format: DVD
Certificate: PG
Film Released: 1976
Film Country: United Kingdom
Director: Jack Gold
Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Plummer, Simon Ward, Peter Firth
Awards: Evening Standard British Film Awards: Evening Standard British Film Award for Best Film
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The Blue Max
| Total Clicks: 80295 | Report Broken Link |
Year: 1966
Stars: George Peppard, James Mason
Director: John Guillermin
Format: DVD
Genre: Drama, Action
Runtime: 155 minutes
Aircraft: Replica Pfalz D.3, Fokker D.7, Fokker DR.I, modified Tiger Moth as SE5a
Summary: During WWI, an inexperienced but eager German pilot competes against other flyers for the Blue Max
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The Blue Max
| Total Clicks: 72701 | Report Broken Link |
Starring: George Peppard, James Mason
Director: John Guillermin
Format: VHS
Rated: Unrated
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Video Release Date: June 27, 1991
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Captain Eddie
| Total Clicks: 71314 | Report Broken Link |
Year: 1945
Stars: Fred MacMurray, Lynn Bari, Charles Bickford
Director: Lloyd Bacon
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 107 minutes
Summary: WWI ace Eddie Rickenbaker remembers his life which brought him from a car salesman, race driver and pilot in WWI, to an important person in the early years of civil airline service, after his plane crashed in the South Pacific in late 1942.
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Classic Fighters 2001 DVD
| Total Clicks: 62420 | Report Broken Link |
Classic Fighters Marlborough 2001 official video. Includes footage of Sopwith Camel (incl air-to-air), Fokker Dr.1 and Bristol Fighter, plus World War 1 ground theatre reeanctment.
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Classic Fighters 2003 Special Edition DVD
| Total Clicks: 62044 | Report Broken Link |
More than 38 minutes worth of World War One aircraft footage, including the awesome WW1 ground theatre scenario, which includes some excellent air-to-air dogfight footage. Covers Bristol Fighter F2b (incl air-to-air) , FIVE Fokker Dr.1's, Nieuport 24 (incl air-to-air), Halberstadt D.IV, Avro 504k (incl air-to-air), Sopwith Camel (incl dogfight with Dr.1).
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Classic Fighters 2005 Souvenir Edition Book
| Total Clicks: 61821 | Report Broken Link |
Lots of excellent WW1 aircraft footage and impressive WW1 ground theatre reenactments, along with all the other aircraft displays. Bristol Fighter F2b (incl air-to-air), FIVE Fokker Dr.1 (incl air-to-air), Halberstadt D.IV, Airco DH-2, Airco DH-5, Pfalz D.III, Sopwith Camel
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The Dawn Patrol
| Total Clicks: 76304 | Report Broken Link |
Actors: Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, David Niven, Donald Crisp, Melville Cooper
Director: Edmund Goulding
Format: Black & White, Full Screen, NTSC, Subtitled
Language: English
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Number of DVD discs: 1
Rating: Not rated
Studio: Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date: March 27, 2007
Run Time: 103 minutes

Summary: Remake of Howard Hawks' 1930 film about the deep seated rivalries between World War I Royal Flying Corps pilots stationed in France in 1915. Errol Flynn and David Niven star as roustabout French Corp fighter pilots who come face-to-face with the harsh realities of war. Basil Rathbone is outstanding as the Squadron Commander.
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