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For those of you interested in the Austro-Hungarian airwar 1914-18 there is a new book series in 10 volumes that promises to be very exciting. The series, entitled "Luftsiege der k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppe an allen Fronten 1914-1918" is written/compiled by foremost Austrian researcher Karl Meindl. (He wrote the FMP book on the Hansa-Brandenburg D.I) He is the foremost expert on this subject. He is up there with Alex Imrie, Peter Grosz, Alex Imrie, A.E.Ferko, Dan-San Abbott, Bill Bailey, etc. as far as calibre of researcher. From what has been seen of the first volume, they are a must have. They are illustrated with many photos also. The volumes are as follows, the first one having been published within the last few months:

1. Rumänien 1916-1917
2. Russland 1914-1916
3. Italien 1915-1916
4. Albanien 1916-1918
5. Russland 1917-1918
6. Italien Jan-June 1917
7. Italien July-Dec 1917
8. Italien Jan-June 1918
9. Seeflieger 1918
10. Italien July-Nov 1918

Inquiries should be made to:

öfv nachrichten
attn. Hrn. Walter Schroeder
Pfenninggeldgasse 18/2/14
A-1160 Vienna, Austria



PS. I'm finding out the price of the first volume and will update this post when I find out.