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My FE2b reproduction..

Several years ago,having already completed a Be2b reproduction..... (see my thread about 15 items ago on the replica aircraft listing) was decided by way of a follow on contract that I should construct a completely authentic Fe2b reproduction utilising "as is" the very basic nacelle frame held at RAF museum Cardington... for eventual display at Hendon......Over the next 18 years, working entirely alone in my very small workshop, components took shape as may be seen in the photo's within this thread, culminating with a complete set of components. Lacking any facilities here to assemble and rig this 48ft x 32ft machine, as had been decided at the outset, the complete set of components, this constituting 95% of the airframe, duly arrived early in 2007 at RAF museum Cosford for fabricing and assembly etc. However it is understood that this last 5% or so has been contracted out....The complete machine as I understand it, is to be unveiled at a ceremony at RAFM on this July 1st..........Regards John
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