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Hi Joe.... Thanks for that,....I pretty well have to do ALL the metal work first, 1) because it takes up so much less space ..(not much to spare!)...allowing me to keep working without falling over a lot of finished stuff ,which would need storing...and2)....This is the "long slog " bit, and it is best ,I find to get on with this for a few years, in fact, and then to finish off with the much mor e ,visualy productive, wood work at the end...this way, 3) I keep the various trades seperate and don't mix skills too much......Metal work of course tends to be dirty and oily and ? hot (Oxy/accet.)...and wood needs to be clean.......I did have problems with the certain people with this way of working , because there is to some eyes very little progress untill they see a wing or some big thing, even though it may be years away from finished in all the small details....But thats how I do it.........Some more photos to go on now...Regards John
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