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American Eagles - the Rise of American Military Aviation in World War I

Hi Colin, Bruno, Cigogne and Steve,
Many thanks for pointing out my 395 page book, "American Eagles."

Yes, I am selling my book, but it's still a proof. I think it's 99% perfect, but there are still a few typos. So it's only $15 (paperback or download) right now. But the feedback I have gotten from people has been great so far!

The link to buy it is here:

American Eagles - The Illustrated History of American Aviation in World War I by Narayan Sengupta in History

A few testimonials thus far:

"I wanted to tell you what a great job you have done with your book! I have been totally enthralled reading through it!"
Gary Duhaine

"I again found your knowledge of World War I aviation and the people who were involved in it to be incredible."
Herb Rusk

"To be able to revisit what you have portrayed is unbelievable. Though these times are worlds apart, there is a continuity of understanding what the actual details were, No one but the people I flew with can know our story. Now relatives contact me and I do what I can to fill in the answers to questions they never asked when the person was alive, You have made a permanent record of what that earlier generation did that was at best only told in half truths, and you have given their story a solid and true base of facts, I am astounded by your details in so many areas. It is as if I were there. The many excellent pictures bring it a realism I could hardly have hoped for. That is also true of the large amount of personal written text you have somehow brought together. Thank you again for this fabulous contribution to posterity."
Charles Trabold, B-29 bomber pilot

Here is the summary:

American Eagles is the thrilling history of the United States Air Service, US Naval Aviation and US Marine Aviation during World War I. American Eagles is 395 pages packed with amazing photos and the story of US World War I combat aviation the aviators, their aircraft, their aerodromes and what happened to them before, during and after the war. The book covers the Lafayette Escadrille, US Naval Aviation, US Marine Aviation and the United States Air Service and aviators such as Eddie Rickenbacker, Frank Luke, David Ingalls and Quentin Roosevelt. It was this time period that saw the first American fighters, bombers and observation planes as well as the maturity of balloon observation. This book has fascinating stories, 220 maps, diagrams, photos, as well as personal interviews of the brave, and sometimes not so brave, American pilots. It also weaves official histories and down to earth technical explanations to make an entertaining, compelling and extensively researched page turner.

[A number of our friends/authors here at this forum and at Over the Front have helped directly or indirectly. I do not want to wish to list their names yet since that might infer an implicit endorsement from them, but they have been amazing!]

NOTE: At the moment Lulu is offering free shipping with two or more copies of my book (or any other combination that puts you over $20).

Thank you,

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