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Originally Posted by Willi Von Klugerman View Post
Kurt Wolff for me.A great airman and person who's life was cut so short.I heard he was involved in some squadron prank on a German HQ in a past post on here.I think it went like this...

MVR had the idea to pull a prank on an HQ by staging an "air raid".So MVR and a other squadron mates (including Wolff) participated and did it at night.There was a trench outside the HQ but there was no flooring in it.They poured water in it to make a muddy mess in it.After causing some chaos and Wolff on the roof shooting flares into the sky,the occupants in the HQ,thinking they were really being bombed,rushed out (some running out in their pj's) jumped in the shelter trench,only to find themselves leaping into a mud pit!

Thats all I remember from that post.

On the Entente side,I like Willy Coppens.A very daring and successful balloon buster.A balloon was hazardous to take on and he did it over 34 times out of his 37 victories!A man of true nerves of steel!He even "landed" on a ballon and waited till his machine fell off it,turned the engine back on,and flew away unharmed!


I believe that was Hans Joachim Wolff sometime in 1918. Kurt Wolff had already been KIA by that time.


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