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Mon cher Gregoire,
Ça me fait beaucoup de plaisir que vous m'avez respondu...
This is what "inspired" this thread (from Squadron/Signal #93, SPAD Fighters in Action, page 8):

"Officers of the Aviation Militaire were also anxious to see how the Spad 7 performed in combat against enemy aircraft [Assuming that it performed well in combat against friendly aircraft?-C.L.]. LT Armand Pinsard, who had recently been posted to Escadrille N 26 after escaping from a German prison, was asked by COL Joseph Bares to take one of the first production Spad 7s (possibly S.233) to the front and test it in combat. The exact date this aircraft arrived at the front is unknown, however, on 26 August 1916, Pinsard scored the first victory for the Spad 7."

If you consult Jean Renoir's Ma Vie et Mes Films (My Life and My Films), he gives an account of how he first met Pinsard, the latter having saved the former's life in an aerial combat. This incident was later instrumental in inspiring Renoir's classic film, La Grande Illusion.

I'm just trying to verify if the above related incident was also Pinsard's first victory in a SPAD.

Merci beaucoup encore mille fois.

Avec mes sentiments distingueés,
Capitaine Louis