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Ken Insch
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Selling some of my books. If interested in any of the following then email me at [email protected]

The K Boats (Brit subs), Don Everitt
U-Boat 202, Lt. Cdr. Freiherr Von Spiegel
The Day They Sank The Lusitania, Donald Chidsey
Sagitarius Rising, Cecil Lewis
Tiger Squadron, Ira Jones
Lice, Blaise Cendrars
Ace of the Iron Cross, Ernst Udet
Fighting the Flying Circus, Eddie Rickenbacker
The Last Voyage of the Lusitania, Hoehling
The Day The Red Baron Died, Dale Titler
The Swordbearers, Studies in Supreme Command in WWI, Correlli Barnett
Combat Report, Bill Lambert DFC
The Killing Time, German U-Boats 1914-1918, Edwyn Gray
No Man's Land (Novel), K. Major
The Ironclads of Cambrai (tanks), Brian Cooper
Vimy, Pierre Berton
The Road Past Vimy, D. Goodspeed
Echoes of War (fiction), R. Westall
The Wars (NOVEL), Timothy Findley
The Meaning of the First World War, R. Albrecht-Carrie
(Boxed Set)Winged Peace; Winged Warfare, Billy Bishop
Winged Warfare, Billy Bishop
The Courage Of The Early Morning,(Billy Bishop), by William A.Bishop
Legion of Lafayette, Arch Whitehouse
Paths of Glory (fiction) Humphrey Cobb
War Birds - Diary of an unknown aviator 1926 ed.
Guynemer - the Ace of Aces" by Jacques Mortane (1918 ed)
Mein Flieger Leben by Ernst Udet (German language ed.)
Wonder Aces of the Air by A. J. Smithers
Letters from a flying officer by Rothesay Stuart Wortly (1928)
Death in the Air - the war diary and photos of a flying corps pilot (1933)
Rickenbacker - an autobiography
They fought for the Sky by Quintin Reynolds
Monsters of the Purple Twilight- Zeppelins by Ernest Dudley
Heroes of the Flying Corp by Grahame-White and Harry Harper
En l'air (In the Air)Three Years above three Fronts, by Bert Hall
Richthofen-The Red Baron, Emile Schurmacher
Zeebrugge (U-boat base raid), Barrie Pitt
Raider Wolf by E. Hoyt (Story of Captain Karl Nerger)
Flying Fury, James McCudden
Combat WWI, ed by Don Congdon
Lonely Command, A. Hoehling (story of Karl von Muller)
The Canvas Falcons (WWI in the Air), Stephen Longstreet
The Somme, A.H. Farrar-Hockley
No Parachute, Arthur Gould Lee
Iron Men With Wodden Wings, Lou Cameron

The best info I have on WWI aircraft would be in Air
International/Enthusiast magazine. The issues contain cutaway drawings of
the following aircraft:

-Vol. 5, #2 Handley Page O/400
-Vol. 6, #4 Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe
-Vol. 6, #6 Sopwith Snipe article, part 2

and the model enthusiast section contains color profiles of the following

-Vol. 9, #4 Albatros DV
-Vol. 20, #1 Fokker D VIII

Ballantine's Illustrated Battle Book
#25 Armoured Onslaught
#26 Vimy Ridge
#28 Argonne 1918
#31 Zeebrugge

Ballantine's Illustrated Weapons Book
#27 The Guns 1914-1918
#28 Trench Fighting, 1914-18

Ballantine's Illustrated Campaign Book
#19 1914-The Opening Moves
#20 Tanganykan Guerrillas

Ballantine's War Leaders
#18 Lawrence of Arabia