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Kory Clark
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The Brisfit was occasionally used as fighter in the "Classical" sense. IE get on the enemies tail and shoot him down with the forward gun. Turn rates are nearly impossible to figure out today without getting data from authentic replica AC, however it was said that for a 2-seater it was very manuverable.

Could this put it on par for manuverability with say a spad? Possibly, one thing it did have was a very nice top speed, faster than most of the german fighters excepting the D7 and other late models. So most of the time if the chips were down it could get away.

The best way a brisfit could be used is a pair of brisfits with 2 skilled pilots and 2 eagle-eyed gunners. Fighting as a team and avoiding a circle-jerk turn fight is where any two-seater excelled.

For a good account of the possiblites with a good crew, I recommend Alfred Atkey's Bio.