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Newspaper Articles Relevant articles and items of interest from the newspapers of the past.

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Army Probe
By Drew Pearson
Published by Scott
18 October 2007
Army Probe


   Nothing is being said about it inside the Pentagon Building but Maj. Gen. Clayton Bissell, former head of Military Intelligence, has been ordered back to Washington from London, and is now under investigation for black-marketeering.
   General Bissell had been on duty as air attache to the American Embassy in London, and was ordered home at the request of U. S. Ambassador Lewis Douglas. One charge against Bissell is that he used an Army airplane to fly coffee into Germany where it was sold on the black market.
   The air forces, now probing General Bissell, has found he kept money in two banks, one in Rhode Island and one in Texas. Before he went overseas two years ago, he had about $9000 in the two accounts. This has been run up to approximately $28,000—which the air forces say is not unusual.
   The Bissell investigation is being conducted by Brig. Gen. Joe Carroll, former FBI ace, who was brought into the air forces in order to avoid further Benny Meyers scandals. General Carroll declined to comment. General Bissell, when asked about the investigation, said the army had instructed him he could make no comment until the probe had been completed, but that he had nothing to hide.

Chester Times (Chester, Pennsylvania) - Saturday, August 14, 1948

Closed Article


clayton bissell, clayton lawrence bissell

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