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Old 29 October 2001, 12:32 PM   #1
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Can someone please explain the process by which you apply them to the wings as I am new to this type of decal and have found it hard moulding them to the contours of the wing. Do you use a decal softener or micro sol solution or what.
Your help please Gentlemen.
Old 29 October 2001, 10:47 PM   #2
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"Do you use a decal softener or micro sol solution or what?"

Yes. Preparation is also important so be sure to use a nice gloss undercoat on the part to be decaled; A colour which matches one of the lozenges is best.

Peter L
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Old 30 October 2001, 05:29 AM   #3
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I have been using the Micro-Set "system" for years and it
has served me well, giving the decals almost a painted-on
appearance. Basically it is a 4 step system;
1- use a gloss finish on the whole model (Testor, Micro,etc.)
decals adhere to gloss finich better.
2- use a liberal amount of Micro-Sol on the area to be
decaled - this will help to position the decal without
tearing it up - excess can be blotted with tissue paper
3 -when you have the decal exactly where you want it,
brush Micro-Sol sparingly on it - let dry completely
at least 10-12 hours.
4- brush or spray flat finish on all the model
If you have difficulty with various curves, slice the decal
slightly with a razor blade and repeat the application of
Old 30 October 2001, 08:12 AM   #4
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Just a thought. You aren't trying to apply them in one piece are you? That could really make things difficult and is inaccurate to boot. Lozenge fabric was applied in sections and attached with rib tapes. I have not done one myself yet so I am not an expert. Hopefully one of the gang will chime in on this.
Random idea on the subject: I have read where it is difficult and time consuming to apply rib tapes over the lozenge. The thought occurs to me that you might be able to paint the wings in the rib tape color and apply the lozenge in sections, leaving a small gap with the rib tape color exposed. Any one care to comment?
As long as we are on the subject; any opinions on who makes the best lozenge decals? Five color ? Four color? Upper? Lower?
What's the use of worrying? It never was worth while. So, pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile!
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Old 30 October 2001, 11:34 AM   #5
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Thanx very much for the information Guy, Peter and BobE, I can see where i've been going wrong. I like BobE idea of sections, it will certainly make it easier next time and hopefully more accurate.
Old 31 October 2001, 05:25 AM   #6
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Any way you do this it is tedious. While it's worth a try I have serious reservations about the narrow strips idea. You would have to be veeery careful about your spacing and have to keep them in order to boot.
The way the fabric was applied varied from type to type, but on the D VII the strips wer applied chordwise.Albatros varied widely.
Best Regards,
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Old 31 October 2001, 08:32 AM   #7
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You aren't trying to apply them in one piece are you?
Hehehe, that's what I did in my first (and, till now, only) Fokker D.VII. I just didn't know that lozenge should be applied other way. :-[

But now, after 6 months of modeling, I've already learnt the right way to do. I'm just waiting for the opportunity, since the two models I'm building now don't have lozenge.

All the best from Brazil

Marcio Campos
(if you want to see the above mentioned D.VII, go to and select Fokker D.VII - warning, it's a beginner's work! )
Old 31 October 2001, 01:54 PM   #8
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Join Date: Aug 2001
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Pegasus four and five colour decals get my vote for the best, but I should add, they are the only third party transfers I have used. However, they compare well with any decals supplied with any kit I have come across.

My experience is that wings are ok, using microscale Sol and Set, they hold no fear for me now. But, applying decals to the whole of a fuselage however is another problem. The compound curves of the Albatros proved very difficult for the wood finish decals I tried to apply. I was very disappointed with the grain effect.

The next kit on the shelf is Roden's Fokker DVI which is completely covered in lozenge decals, wings, fuselage both top and bottom. Has anybody got any wisdom on this?

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Old 1 November 2001, 02:26 AM   #9
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The best advice I can give IRT lozenge decals is find an ALPS printer. *The Fokker D.VI I finished on the WW1 Modeler's site ( I used an ALPS printer to generate the lozenge.

The biggest advantages to using ALPS-generated lozenge is single piece for all surfaces; being able to "lay" the lozenge in the computer the way it was on the "real thing" (e.g. 45 degree bolts, chord-wise bolts, etc.); and, finally what I consider the best, you can lay down your rib tapes on the image before you print the decal, avoiding all hassles of laying down individual rib tape decals.

However, it's important to keep in mind that you need an accurate scan of the surfaces you are decaling. *You definitely want the rib tapes to line up with the ribs, and not in between.
Matt Bittner
Software Engineer/Assistant Editor
Internet Modeler
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Old 2 November 2001, 08:25 AM   #10
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My Gallery
One of the things that bother me, is the blue rib tapes on a model of a plane, that never had blue tapes.
Blue tapes were on the wings and tails of aircraft built by the Ost Deutsche Albatros werke (OAW). Albatros built Fok. D.VII aircraft had salmon pink tapes. Fokker, Halberstadt, Rumpler, LFG Roland, LVG used cut strips of the lozenge fabric. So gentlemen, do a little reseach on the model you are making before you put the lozenge panels on the wings and the rib tapes on. If you have a question, I would be pleased to help.
Blue skies ahead,
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decals, lozenge

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