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2001 Closed threads from 2001 (read only)

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Old 31 December 2001, 09:44 AM   #51
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Hey all,

I've loved the idea of flying since July 1983 (after leaving mums tummy) and fell in love with the pilot character basil (canadian sesimee street) and then with jets. By the age of 7 or 8 jets were boring-they were to "techy." It was at this time that I found an old National Geographic. It dealt with oshkosh (I'm guessing from what I can remember it would be from 75-85 ish) and inside it had a picture of a red DR1, well, I was hooked. Then it was RB1, They fought for the sky, Five yrs, and well... I'm still loving it all 18 yrs later

Old 2 January 2002, 03:07 AM   #52
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I grew up with an 8 volume set of The War Weekly which my father collected during WW1. From Mons to the Armistice, grainy photos, heroic lithograph drawings, maps, weekly Honour Rolls of the Fallen and jingoistic sabre rattling propaganda.
It took most of the rest of my life to unlearn such things as 'the Russians gave the Kaiser a jolly good thumping at Tannenberg' etc.
Funnily enough it wasn't until ten years ago I 'discovered' the air war.
Read the books, They Fought For the Sky, Sagittarius Rising, The War Birds, Wind in the Wires, The Grub Street editions son gave me my first model kit, the DR1...then I got my first computer and a old Flying Corps game...then RB3D, the rest is the usual sordid tale.
This is a great site.
Old 2 January 2002, 02:38 PM   #53
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I was about four or five years old when they screened the BBC "Wings" series in Sydney during the 70s. I saw what I now know to be a B.E.2 flying about, and the monster was unleashed. Within a couple of years it was Biggles, colouring books, sticker books, then every movie involving WWI aircraft I could get my hands on. Aces High, Ace of Aces (Richthofen vs. Brown), the Blue Max, etc. About eight years ago I joined the Australian Society of World War One Aero Historians and since then have been reading more serious works, many by pilots and observers of their own experiences, many by modern researchers or analysts.

I'm also an avid board and miniatures wargamer, and spend a lot of time playing computer flight sims, boardgames such as Knights of the Air, Wings and Aces High, and have dabbled with miniatures rules such as Hostile Aircraft.

This unhealthy obsession with World War One flying machines has cost me a fortune (but not as much as my dark ages miniatures interest, luckily!!!), and takes up most of my free time. Some people say I have no life; I say I have a pretty good one (and judging from what I've seen of this site, many members would agree!)

Happy New Year everyone, btw

Old 2 January 2002, 07:13 PM   #54
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I've been interested in aviation for as long as I can remember. However, WWI wasn't of much interest to me until just about a month ago. I'm going to school to become a commercial pilot, and a friend of mine tells me he's going to try ultralights out over the christmas break. So, I start looking at ultralights, and ultralight kits, and I come across Airdromes Eindecker kit. For some reason, this really caught my eye, and I wanted to know more about the original. Next thing I know I'm in this forum, and going to the library to check out books on WWI aviation. Now it's become something I'm thinking about or studying at least once a day........CRAZY!! What has happened to me?
Old 3 January 2002, 03:58 PM   #55
Scout Pilot
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Always loved aviation, never could get enough !
School history books? For some reason they took the history out of them when I got their!!!
Flying for the first time in 8th grade put the clouds in the sky for me.
And living close to an airport to see the airshows.
Then finally meeting a new dear friend who owns a bi-plane. Seeing that for the first time up close hooked me.
And will never forget holding Col. Weir Cooks "Hat-In-The-Ring"
He dared to do, what others only dreamed of; H Weir Cook
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Old 6 January 2002, 11:48 AM   #56
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So, I start looking at ultralights, and ultralight kits, and I come across Airdromes Eindecker kit. For some reason, this really caught my eye ...
That's not a mystery - they're really cute! They do a great Fokker D.VIII too.

Much like Peter L (back on page 1) I found a Biggles book in the school library aged about 10, and then got into the gluey world of Airfix. Things stayed fairly quiet until I got to my final year at university when I learnt to fly microlights and also had to write a paper on an aspect of WWI. Since I knew I would never get the chance to do it again, I chose to base it on the RFC. Then I found The Aerodrome and realised how little I really knew! Been playing catch-up ever since.

Fly a microlight -
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Old 7 January 2002, 10:50 AM   #57
Scout Pilot
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What's the record for longest aerodrome thread? This one is certainly getting there. Shouldn't all this be compilied and stored in some other spot?

To answer the orig question: Dunno. Loved airplanes since before memories begin. Scale model builder in the early days of plastic. Never thot much about WW One. (Hard to build too -- all those struts.) Suppose my eye-openers from the era were a TRUE magazine article about Frank Tallman flying a Camel restoration and, about the same time, reading Quentin Reynolds' They Fought For The Sky. Now I'm trying to write, not one, but two, books set in The Great War.

cheers, Boom
Flier, Factotum and Scribe
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Old 7 January 2002, 12:43 PM   #58
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When 13 years old I read an article about Ernst Udet and put some questions to my father who saw him flying at the Tempelhof aerodrome in the 30ies and even eyewitnessed his famous baling out from a Curtiss.
I immediately got fascinated ...
Old 7 January 2002, 08:39 PM   #59
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Born within sight of Rolls-Royce engine test stand, Airfix models, Biggles, helicopter engineer in the army, helicopter eng in civvy street. On to the airlines. Wife finally gave in learnt to fly and bought herself a plane. Not so much about where it started, but where it will end.

Old 13 January 2002, 11:13 PM   #60
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I do not know!!!

Aircraft were my first love and they will be my last...
Aircraft of the future and aircraft of the past...

Remove all the wheel blocks there is no time to waste...

I really do not know. My father told me that even when I was really little (maybe 2 or three years at age) I was allways looking up into the sky when a modern jet airliner or any other aircraft flew its way right across the sky above our home.

I do not remember a day having gone to bed without thinking of aircraft and do also not remember a day waking up without thinking of aircraft.


My worksop is closed to public orders.

I may just sit down and write another book. This time on the whole story ...
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