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Old 28 July 2010, 07:47 AM   #11
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Not that there's ANY comparison, but I did find this of interest

The Blue Max (1966) - Goofs

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Old 12 August 2010, 07:57 PM   #12
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TRB errors

I have yet to see the film, and don't plan to do so. However, I did see some clips on the net. The bit with the two German nurses acting as stretcher bearers really got to me as my grandmother was a WW 1 army nurse. (American.) It's unlikely that any nurses would be acting as stretcher bearers as their medical skills would be sorely needed (no pun intended), and there would be presumably plenty of strapping young men willing and able to do the heavy lifting. My feeling is that had Nikki-poo had as good a command of WW1 history as he has of the English language, it might have been a decent film. As it is, perhaps he could be an ESL teacher someplace.
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Old 13 August 2010, 10:05 AM   #13
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I purchased a copy of this film and have watched it a couple of times over the last few days.

The first thing that struck me and sowed the first seeds of doubt as to how the film was going to be and who it was aimed at, was the fact that despite the film being about and featuring predominently Germans, they spoke in English. This immediately told me that this was a film made for a wide international audience. It would have been so much better and more realistic if they had spoken German (for example, for those of you who have seen Downfall, imagine how poorer that film would have been had they spoken English).

My doubts were increased when I saw an overweight, bearded 'pilot' in an SE5 screaming like a maniac, only to find that this was meant to be Lanoe Hawker.

I was then not surprised to see the 'Hollywood essential' love affair storyline as well as the reoccuring 'antihero' in Brown.

By this stage I was well aware that I was not watching an historically accurate depiction of war in the air between 1916 and 1918 or even an accurate depiction of it's main protagonists.

I was watching a 'made for the big screen', 'hollywood'esque' charade. Enjoyable only in the way that Pearl Harbour is enjoyable, good action sequences....and sod all else and about as historically accurate.

A decent watch? Yes

An historical document? Nein
Victory has a hundred fathers, defeat is an orphan.
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Old 13 August 2010, 11:10 AM   #14
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Lanoe Hawker being a fat bloke with a goatee beard..... what an insult to the great man!

Handley Page bombers flying in formation at night, as well as them being shot down in droves?!

Handley Page bombers flying over no-man's land in broad daylight...... I think not
You're only a PBO, yes, you're only a PBO
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Old 13 August 2010, 02:23 PM   #15
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Blue max Goofs

What ever goofs there were are made moot by Ursula Andress.
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Old 21 August 2010, 07:29 AM   #16
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Exclamation flying fact vs fiction

actual, historically-accurate human events trump movie-makers' imagination every time; today's headlines are too improbable to be believable to an audience paying for entertainment. fact IS stranger than fiction. the most common mistakes of flying movies, especially first air-war, most particularly noted personage-based war movies, are inaccurate characters and woefully replicated machines. the former always includes actors much older than the true life characters they represent, the latter has forever been a precious few originals dressed with a hodgepodge of purpose-built replicas, variously-sized models, plywood dummies and disguised tiger moths. visuals have lately included a witches-brew of scale replicas and video game CGI constructions that fly nothing like the originals. layered on that are anachronistic political agendae and modern cultural idiosyncrasies, like MvR wearing his cap bill to the side like an LA gangsta--- just abject silliness.
there is a noted international director, peter jackson, knows and loves WWI [and WWII, for that matter] aviation, and has put his money where his interest is. because of his status and success he has access to the best screenwriters. it is only a matter of time before some accurate, stunning movie-work on the subject will emerge from NZ. watch for it coming to a theater near you.
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Old 10 October 2010, 06:14 AM   #17
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Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Manfred's love interest Kate appears to be old enough to be his mother? I mean, it bugs me that the actor portraying Richthofen is a scrawny generation X-er who looks about 16 years old, whereas Richthofen was an athletically-built patriotic military blue-blood in his 20's. And then the age difference just seems jarring.

Since when is it so quiet in the cockpit of a First World War fighter with its unmuffled engine that you can hear a harmonica being played? I'm surprised they weren't talking to each other in formation.

And how is that the wind from the propeller pushing the aircraft along at near 100 mph is no more than that of a small electric fan? (Flyboys had the same issue.) With valves on the exposed engine head moving at what would be an engine speed of about 200 rpm I guess it makes some sense.

What kind of "no-man's-land" is it that consists of huge areas of unspoiled farmland, where two aircraft can land among planted fields of wheat to have a quiet conversation, undisturbed by the war? Apparently the space between the opposing trenches was much bigger than I was led to believe.

Brown is in the "Royal Canadian Flying Corps"? I guess he's the only member.

Having said all that, and given that the storyline is ridiculously inaccurate from an historical perspective, the ending is quite touching and the movie seems to come from a well-intentioned place. I'd certainly rank it much better than "von Richthofen and Brown". Not that that says much!

And whoever was in charge of the aircraft side of things did a much better job than I expected. Given the movie tradition, the fact that the Baron was not flying a triplane from the get-go was a shock. And the Albatros were quite beautifully represented, both in the air and even on the ground, as were the other aircraft. The fact that they actually progressed from D.III's to D.V's was a very pleasant surprise to me. Yes, the in-air sequences were all fantasy in terms of numbers of aircraft and their performance, but they were well rendered. And they took care to use the names of actual pilots and to do so (fairly) appropriately, too.

And they showed a lot of respect for Boelcke. I like that.
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Old 10 October 2010, 08:55 AM   #18
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I wanted to add that the movie is available through Netflix. Here in Canada, at least, they are currently offering a free 30-day trial. So if interested you can sign up and watch it for free. I only found out about this movie because it was on the first page of their movies after I signed up.
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Old 26 October 2010, 05:01 AM   #19
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I just wasted a dollar last night renting this turd.

One, (of many), things that I noticed was of course the Curtiss Jenny with German markings taxing around, but watch when it hits the haystack scene, I thought it was a piece of hay sticking out of the fuse, whats this? An antenna?? And its not a quick 1 second, they almost zoom in on it, and its pretty clear.

No reference to MVR's time in the trenches- no reference to his time in 2 seaters, oh, but this is a fictional love story, based on 1 photograph, and no information on Kate Otersdorf.

I love the HUGE Modern hanger, with a shiny cement floor, for 1 Albatross, and MVR SCREAMING at his mechanic to paint it red.

"The Blue Max" has its share of goofs, but its fiction and has Ursula Andress. "They play Var games together"

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Old 26 October 2010, 05:36 AM   #20
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Never seen the movie; probably never will. The very first trailer I saw for it had a scene where a young Manfred-on-horseback saw an airplane in the sky and spread his arms like wings as it passed overhead. The subtext was MvR had an early passion for flight which, of course, he did not possess. Those few seconds of the trailer informed me that the film was going to be wildly inaccurate, which many of you here have confirmed with your reviews.

I enjoyed TBM the one or two times I saw it (I'm just not a movie guy) but, to be honest (and I'll probably be made to walk the plank for stating this), I've seen my share of hot naked broads so one in a towel didn't do much for me.
Jim Miller
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