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Games and Flight Sims Topics related to Red Baron, Dawn Patrol and other WWI aviation games

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Old 25 March 2003, 01:29 AM   #1
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I think there's a lot of people like me who are playing this game from "ages". There's something I don't understand I would like to ask about.
I am playing with the "belgian add-on" patch. It replace a lot of historical "errors" (as they say )
But still...

- Pilots "selfkill"
Sometimes in dogfights fighters pilots start to spin 'till they crash on the ground, expecially with Nieuport. Is that they really try some hard manouvre or just the IA need some "patch" ? This is a really frequent flight accident in dogfights.

- Machine Guns A.A.
Maybe I am wrong but it seem that Machine guns bullets "climb" in the sky straight on... they don't suffer of G effects and it should be fixed.

- Just a bit "space effects" in explosion : I mean : when a flak (or artillery fire, or crash on the ground) explode far from your plane it should wait some second to hear the sound, depending from the distance. Maybe this is a stupid question

-Sometimes in escort mission the recon/bombing plane do not gain height, and after some Km they crash on the ground.

-Sometimes I can attack enemy bomber/recon plane
without "warn" escort fighters. For example : yesterday my Oberleutnant, me and another Fw on 3 Albatros DII attacked a flight of Fe2b and shoot two of them down without have response from two escorting Nieuport, that we attacked when they dive on the aerodrome of the survived FE2b that were landing.

-Why were I press j-j-j (bailing out :-/ !!!) from the ground (this is just a try) I have to die ?? This is another idiot question

-The Vickers Gunbus observer fire from the rear... it should fire from the front...Manfred VR could tell us something about that.

but maybe this is too much !

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Old 25 March 2003, 10:31 AM   #2
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Well, I can't help you with most of the problems, simply because i'm a pilot and not a prgrammer, however I can help you with your bail out problem. It may be just a game glitch that i've learned to exploit but i've found that after you crash, when you collide with the ground and all the wings pop off, if you bail out then you have a better chance of surviving.

I was flying for RAF209 once in a camel, darn hun got a lucky one bullet flamer on my camel in the head on pass, I nosed it straight down and crashed into the ground, then pressed J-J-J, spent 3 months in the hospital. When you jump out, be expected to see a hospital stay clip, sometimes you get maimed as well.

For your other questions however you must realise that Red Baron in the final stages was kind of rushed, they were over budget and behind schedule, many erros weren't adressed, however many people have made it there hobby to correct these errors the best they can for the past 5+ years.

Go to these guys have made some marvelous breakthrougs with what little the game gives us to work with
Old 25 March 2003, 11:38 AM   #3
Two-seater Pilot
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Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Chieti
Posts: 267

thanks for bailing tip. I hope I have not to use it...

I think the game is really fine anyway !
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