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1999 Closed threads from 1999 (read only)

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Old 8 September 1999, 02:39 AM   #1
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Join Date: Aug 1998
Location: USA. One Nation, Under Surveillance.
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I've always loved the Camel and can get the most out of it in any WWI sim I've tried, but in RBII is virtually unflyable. Won't turn no matter whatcha try... when you finally coax it into a turn it spins in a matter of seconds. I know it was difficult to fly, but not impossible.

Anyone else think the flight model must be WAY off here? Or have I just not experimented enough? Also, on a related topic, why does my version of RBII keep freezing up in "Campaign" mode?

I'm aware of the download upgrades on the Sierra web site, but that particular computer is not online yet so that is not a current option.
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Old 8 September 1999, 03:52 AM   #2
Steve Dorste
Posts: n/a

Are we talking left hand turns here? When reversing from right to left hand turns ALWAYS give the stick a quick push/pull while making the transition. Also in left bank always use slight rudder adjustments. SLIGHT is the clue here, as to much will put you in the ground QUICKLY. Sometimes, if you catch the spin/stall early you can correct with full rudder in the opposite direction.
Also, sharper turns can be made at less than full pull of the stick. I'm still experimenting with reducing power slightly in turns to increase turning ability. Some say that this helps and I admit I do see an incrase in the 28 but haven't noticed much difference in the Camel. In right turns keep a little left rudder on to keep the nose up or right rudder to make a quicker decending turn on an enemy.
I'm no expert with the Camel and still crash more than I get shot down online but these tips were given to me the other nite and really work.

Old 8 September 1999, 04:06 AM   #3
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Location: Western Australia
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Stephens both,

DOOOOONNNN"TTT get me started.


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Old 8 September 1999, 04:22 AM   #4
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I agree, the Camel in RBII/3D sucks tons. Actually, my favourite in that game is the Nieuport 24. I especially like the modified version that has the Lewis and Vickers combination, it's more believable. But you still have two guns. The main reason I prefer the N24 is that you have some idea based on how often you reload the Lewis) on how much ammo you've used, and can plan accordingly.

Too bad we can't have the version of the camel that had this arrangement.

Al Lowe
The Billy Bishop Zone
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Old 8 September 1999, 05:04 AM   #5
Posts: n/a

I think that the Camel is a little more accurate with the FGMOF patches & the new Air War patch.

Say Al, would you be interested in flying in the Air War with us?

Old 8 September 1999, 05:31 AM   #6
Kory Clark
Posts: n/a

I love the corporate FM Camel. It's the best plane in the game. It's durable and can outturn anything to the right.

The reason it stalls so easily is very accurate, I have heard many accounts that the Camel was more hazardous the those that flew it than the germans (on some occasions). The reason is, it has a short box with lots of wing surface area, this enable the great turning, however when the front wings get too much drag (i'm talking to you ham-fisted pilots who haul maximum ass in every manuver) , the front wings, stall out and the camel's ass(tail section) pitches up and ouila! you have stall city.

Left rudder in both turns (right and left) will keep the ass down and in the same stall state as the front part of the plane.

One thing I think that is wrong, is camel stalls in RB3d are very un-recoverable. So my advice is to never stall. hehe Oh, one other thing is the damage model is screwed, so if you take some damage in the wings you get a slight horsepower increase.

Oh well, hopefully they will make a RB4.

Old 8 September 1999, 05:33 AM   #7
Rest in Peace
mike_baram's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 1998
Location: One of the sunny states.
Posts: 2,077

Now you know why the Camel killed nearly as many allied pilots as it did Germans. In "fly now" mode, the only German plane I can compete with is the Albatros D-III, and I'm able to down 2 of them, but the third one gets me every time. Half my time in dogfighting is spent correcting for spin tendencies.
"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." - Leonardo da Vinci

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Old 8 September 1999, 05:46 AM   #8
Kory Clark
Posts: n/a

As a note:

It took me 3 moths of flying the Camel in RB3d, before I could fly it with a lot of confidance.

Were I a flyer in the actual great war, I have every belief that, unless i was extreemly carefult the first few months I would have died flying the camel. However I think the guys that were successful with them historically were very careful fellows and learned the plane before pushing the envelope on that plane.

Maybe the Camel is a little more tough in the game than it was historically, but it makes up for the fact that you can just start a new life anytime you please. I'm just glad there is at least one plane to fly in that game that doesn't feel like i'm playing space invaders. Many of the other planes are like flying in an arcade game.
Old 8 September 1999, 06:11 AM   #9
Posts: n/a

>but in RBII is virtually unflyable. Won't turn no matter whatcha try... when you finally coax it into a turn it spins in a matter of seconds. I know it was difficult to fly, but not impossible.<

Sorry Stephen but this sort of thing sets my teeth on edge. I get tired of ppl who fly flight sims and expect to be instant Voss's. Pilots take time to train and aircraft take time to learn. It is too Dynamix's credit that the Camel is the hardest to leanr and the most complex flight model. Hence it is also the hardest and time consuming to master as well as dangerous to newbies.

Put in the hands of a WWRhen, or a WWPendragon the thing is also a killer. I fly the Camel almost exclusively in RBII and am a pretty decent exponent of it in MMP, it is the only aircraft that poses a challenge and is by far the most interesting in the game as well. That is cant be turned and spins too readily is garbage.

You have to learn your craft. It is cries of "I cant fly this first go" in flight simming which has led to the dumbed down mediocre sims we often get today. It annoys the hell out of me too.

Good on Dynamix for making the Camel touchy twitchy and hard to fly. If it means you have to learn your craft then so be it.

Old 8 September 1999, 06:15 AM   #10
Posts: n/a

I should have read Pends replies first. Everything Kory Clark said.

The Camel is the only non arcade, and if flown right wont lose height in a turn left or right. It can loop indefinately and with sufficient speed will whip in under even the arcade uber DIII and N28 without any problems. It is by far the most interesting plane in the game.

Like Pend said it took me time ( several months of getting shot down by the uber boys ) to master it's intracacies.



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