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2000 Closed threads from 2000 (read only)

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Old 29 December 2000, 07:01 AM   #1
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I would like to know what was the best fighter plane of the WWI era was and what the reasons for the choice are. I saw a program on the history channel or discovery channel,not sure, the program was about the best fighter planes of eras,WWI,WWII and so on up until now. As I remember it the fokker D VII was the over all winner of the WWI era ,based on their reasons, not sure of all off them. Would like more information . I am thinking of bulding a plane,because of the time and money needed I want to pick the best plane.
Old 29 December 2000, 07:43 AM   #2
Kory Clark
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Are you building a replica? or a Model? Anyways my opinion of the best "fighter" plane of WWI(assuming we are only talking forward gun, pursuit planes and saw action) would have to be the Sopwith Snipe. Taking the best qualities of the Camel(manuverability) and some added speed I think it had edge over the D7 if only very slightly.

I'm assuming you are talking about 1 VS 1 fights comparing scouts. Some planes are better at chasing down 2-seaters(the primary role of scout planes). Some are better at surviving in(spads).

If you said best fighting plane including 2-seaters I would have said Bristol Fighter.

Old 29 December 2000, 11:27 AM   #3
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I'll try to get as much base info to you,so you can help me make the best pick.
1.building a replica
2 forward guns, pursuit plan (air to air),saw action(want the best kill ratio,I thank this should be a factor do you?)
3. would like a list of the qalities required to be considered for best plane and order of importance. to type of air to air, 1 vs 1 or over all, maybe list pro and cons of all types?
5. single seater as to two seater that's another point of view and worth looking in.

just a question ? what about the raf s.e.5
Old 29 December 2000, 05:51 PM   #4
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I personally like the Nieuports ( with the exception of the 28) I have a replica of a RFC modified Nie16. Albert Ball ( and many other aces) prefered the light and agile Nieuports over other aeroplanes. Albert Ball had a Nieuport even when he had a SE5. He thought the SE5 a great disappointment. I will soon be building a full scale NIE23 myself. I think if you are asking what is the best WWI aeroplane you must pick a year and time period. The BEST changed every few months. I don't like late war aeroplanes as they might be too good ( and expensive to make because of the High Horse power engines.) I prefer mid war aeroplanes myself although I think that early war aeroplanes make a great model for ultralight aircraft. I have a friend that sells kits for a great looking scale Fokker EIII. Fokker DVII are HUGE aeroplanes to build anyway. I like the smaller aeroplanes like the Nieuports , Sopwith Pup, Hanriot HD1.
Lt. Dwight Rudder, RFC
Great War Aeroplanes Asso.
Nieuport builder
St. Louis Escadrille
Old 31 December 2000, 01:53 AM   #5
Scout Pilot
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Are you building a flying model or a dust collector? While kind of ugly, An argument can be made for the Siemens Schuckert DIV in the hands of a good pilot. I'm building a DIII because of the increased wing area. The data file is available and excellant.
David D Johnson
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Old 31 December 2000, 11:51 AM   #6
Rest in Peace
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My Gallery
I would nominate the 200-220 hp Hispano-Suiza powered SE.5a. It lasted from June 1917 to the end of the war. It produced a large number of aces because it was a good gun platform. It was strong and fast, with a good rate of climb and handy in a fight. It took on the best and was successful.
Blue skies,
Dan-San Abbott
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Old 25 January 2001, 10:25 AM   #7
James Olesen
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As a new visitor, I would like to start by saying that I enjoyed your appearance on the A&E Biography of the Red Baron. I too for many years thought the S.E.5a as the best fighter. However, I would now nominate the Spad XIII. It was immensely strong, fast, had TWO synchronized Vickers, as well as more than a year of distinguished service at the front. I have also enjoyed reading the "picks" of others. Best wishes to all,



best fighter plane

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