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2000 Closed threads from 2000 (read only)

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Old 28 December 2000, 10:50 PM   #1
Michael J
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Hey folks,

Haven't been here in a while but I was just thinking to myself was Hermann Goering a pratt his whole life (im not going to sugar coat it for anyone, my loathing runs deep for this man) or was it just when he fell in with the Nazi party?
Does anyone know if the pilots of Jasta 11 (or any others for that matter) were pleased with him as a leader or as a person????

Thanking you

Old 29 December 2000, 01:51 AM   #2
Michael Skeet
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There's evidence to suggest that Goering possessed a fair amount of charm and physical courage at one point in his life. Apparently his personality changed more than a little after he was injured in a crash, became addicted to morphine taken for pain relief, and lost his (Swedish) wife. All of this happened after WWI; as for his behaviour during that war, I see no reason to disagree with those who suggest that Goering was not the most talented or respected CO who ever strapped himself into a cockpit.
Old 29 December 2000, 04:01 AM   #3
Lee Edw. Branch
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I remember a discussion on a "Bonanza" set- whatever years those were- a L.A. Times interview that morning featured a former WWI German flyer who remembered Goering with admiration as "a hell of a guy." Others cite, of course, that his unverifiable claims were suspect and that, accordingly, he was not accepted by other ex-flyers in some post-war social circles. I note that Dave W. mentioned a while back of sending Spandaus to Sweden for a DVII being built for a film on H.G. VBR: Lee

Old 29 December 2000, 04:40 AM   #4
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Bodenschatz spoke very highly of Göring in his book, where he states that the pilots of JG 1 were delighted to have such a fine man and respected soldier as their leader.
This view of the man contrasts the view put forth by underlings of Göring the Reichsmarschal. Nearly all of his Luftwaffe subordinates describe the WWII Göring as an idiot, to put it mildly.
Old 29 December 2000, 09:29 AM   #5
Veronica Spicata
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Not a lot of people know it,but Göring was both a mycophagist and a saprophyte !
Old 29 December 2000, 10:39 AM   #6
Scout Pilot
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It is not unreasonable to think That Bodenshatz wrote what would then have been PC.
"The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: It connected in one indissoluable bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity" President Adams 7/4/1821
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Old 29 December 2000, 11:33 AM   #7
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Veronica,my compliments for your (original) e-mail address.
Old 31 December 2000, 05:54 AM   #8
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Isn't anyone going to ask Veronica what those two words mean. Bill h can't find them in his dictionary and it has 500 thesand words.
Old 31 December 2000, 07:10 AM   #9
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Merriam-Webster OnLine ( gives:

Main Entry: my·coph·a·gist
Pronunciation: mI-'kä-f&-jist
Function: noun
Etymology: mycophagy, from myc- + -phagy
Date: 1861
: one that eats fungi (as mushrooms)
- my·coph·a·gy /-jE/ noun


Main Entry: sap·ro·phyte
Pronunciation: 'sa-pr&-"fIt
Function: noun
Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary
Date: 1875
: a saprophytic organism; especially : a plant living on dead or decaying organic matter

Main Entry: sap·ro·phyt·ic
Pronunciation: "sa-pr&-'fi-tik
Function: adjective
Date: 1882
: obtaining food by absorbing dissolved organic material; especially : obtaining nourishment osmotically from the products of organic breakdown and decay
- sap·ro·phyt·i·cal·ly /-ti-k(&-)lE/ adverb
Old 1 January 2001, 05:55 AM   #10
Forum Ace
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I would have said that he was koprocephalic, myself.

Adjt. Antonin Dominique Barthélèmy Gautier
Médaille Militaire, Croix de Guerre - SPA 80
October 2, 1895-September 15, 1918
Mort pour la France en combat aérien.
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hermann goering

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