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1. What is an ace?
  For the purposes of this web site, an ace is an airman who was officially credited with downing five or more enemy aircraft during World War I.
2. Why isn't my relative's name on any of the lists at The Aerodrome?
  The Aerodrome is solely devoted to the aces of World War I.
3. Are there any living aces of World War I?
  No, all of the aces of World War I are deceased.
4. When did the last World War I ace die?
  The following aces are known to have died in the 1990s:

27 Jan 1997Cecil LewisEngland
1997 Gisbert-Wilhelm Groos Germany
Dec 1996Gwilym LewisEngland

For the names of other World War I aces and when they died, see Aces by Date of Death.
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